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Queer Eye for the Hunter Guy
Queer Eye for the Hunter Guy
Answer to Prompt: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/Supernatural, Fab Five + Any Male Hunter of Your Choice, "We've got our work cut out for us with this one..."

The Fab Five mustered their newest project.
"How much time do we have for him?"
"Same as always."
Bobby Singer was probably the worst case they ever had:

  • plaid shirts
  • Trucker cap
  • neglected hair and beart
  • chaotic neglected house
  • Salvage yard around the house
  • Books upon books that they were discuraged to even touch
  • weapons lying around they weren't willing to touch
  • two laughing nephews, both tall and hot and sadly hetero (*sigh* all the good ones were hetero)

They had much to do before Bobby could have his date with Amanda, the Head Librarian from the University of South Dakota Library in Sioux Falls.
At least all the books around the house explained how Bobby had managed to get her to agree on a date, it couldn't have been his charming personality.
The older man stood there as if unsure what to do with these bright people.
Kyan and Carson wandered around Bobby, looking at him from every angle.
"We've got our work cut out for us with this one..."

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I love it! I'd love to see a continuation of this. Yep, Bobby would probably be their biggest challenge ever!

Yeah, he would be their Mount Everest.
If somebody wants to continue the idea I will happily read it, but can't write it. I've never seen even one episode of Queer Eye

That's a bummer! I've seen quite a few episodes, but I haven't done any writing in the last couple of years. Hopefully someone else will pick up this idea and run with it!

Poor Bobby. Lol. I can't imagine how he got on that show. I suspect Dean had a hand in that ;)

I don't know. I just loved the Prompt!

Very interesting! At least Bobby has a start on the cooking, but I would love to see what Ted would thin of some of his "ingredients"...maybe one day they would make their way to "Chopped"

"Please hand me the lamb blood."
"I admire your excellent herb garden. You do know that half of them are poisonous for humans?"
"Why do you have human bones in your pantry?"

I imagine that would be a very unique episode

This is hilarious. *imagines Bobby's reaction to the first time they use the word 'zhoosh' in his presence*

And the fact that Bobby's still a hunter has me thinking of the possibility that while they're filming this something is going to happen. Or maybe just Crowley. They'd love Crowley.

Crpwley would come just to mess with Bobby

Why is it that my mind starts picturing Dean and Kyan discussing hair products? lol

I don't know.
But considering I've never seen the show it feels good that you say that ;)

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