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Prison and the Winchesters

Prison and the Winchesters
Prompt: Dean and Sam Winchester are finally arrested sometime post s7, get put on trial, with a lot of attention from the press and after they're declared guilty, they're sent to prison

They didn't know what they expected.

The Winchesters

Yes, Of course they heard of the Satan-worshiping brothers, probably everybody in the States had heard of them.

Toured the lower 48 nearly their whole life, no preferred method of killing, no preferences for their victims, it wasn't even possible to determine how many victims they were responsible for. Then their killing spree and playing dead again.

A weapons and survival training most military branches would salivate over.

Dangerous, intelligent, good at escaping the law, all packed up in two good looking clean cut Kansas boys.

Their trial had been such a media hype it was impossible to flee.

It helped that despite everything that was brought up against them, the Winchesters stayed calm, collected and positively charming.

Hell, they had even tons of character witnesses, the reliable kind, who told everybody willing to listen that the Winchesters were just this 2 nice boys who helped them when needed and that they never could have done what they were accused of.

Despite the video footage.

For the prisoners of the maximum security prison and many others the only surprise had been that they hadn't decided to fry them both.

No, they had been sentenced to – how many? - life-long sentences solitary confinement in super max.

The only time they would get to see their new star inmates were when they came in and when they got out: feet first.

So it wasn't a surprise that every prisoner who could, followed their arrival.

They got the first one out of the vehicle, completely shackled and barely able to move.

Four armed, tall and muscled guys surrounded him, pushing him in the needed direction. They wouldn't give them any opportunity to flee again.

Next vehicle, same procedure.

The brothers looked at each other, didn't say a single thing.

The older just smiled at his younger brother, nodded before they took them further apart.

Considering that everybody knew they would never see each other again their reaction was a lot less than expected.

One day later the prison was in turmoil.

Somebody escaped!

It didn't take long to get through the grapevine: The Winchesters got out

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I loved this,thanks so much for writing it :-)

Also, Sam and Dean would so be the scariest guys in the US*eg*, just wondering if it was their 'accomplice' with the trenchcoat who got them out ;-)

I don't know if they would be the scariest guys, there are a lot of psychos out there. But they deserve at least the star prisoner treatment!

Did Castiel get them out? Perhaps, perhaps not.

well it's not like most people know that the boys aren't really psychos :-)

Of course the Winchesters got out! There hasn't been a prison built yet that could hold those two. Enjoyed :)

Yeah, and if they couldn't do it themselves they had help who could.

Oh no!!! Dean and Sam in Supermax prison separated from each other. My worst fear. Nothing besides their literal deaths would make my heart feel so heavy, and it was getting there when reading. But then, Dean smiled, so he had a plan up his sleeve, of course. Then they got out and are free again. Of course Dean had a plan. Love our Dean. Can't help but smile knowing that the brothers Winchester evaded law enforcement yet again. So very fun.

A weapons and survival training most military branches would salivate over. Thank John Winchester for that. Love these boys and what they are capable of. My heroes.

Dangerous, intelligent, good at escaping the law, all packed up in two good looking clean cut Kansas boys. Despite his demeanor sometimes, Dean is very intelligent. He just hides it very well. And yes, aren't they just the best looking boys out there? Love our Winchester boys so much.

This was fun. thanks.

Thanks for reading and enjoying

Perfect. I love short, concise and entertaining.

Thanks. I tend to write on the shorter end of the spectrum

Of course I cuoldn't let them rot in prison...

This is awesome. It's not so far off Big Pretzelness. (Lol, I think almost anything with a happy ending counts.)

I loved it. =)

Thanks. It may be not that far off, but it is nowhere what I thought of when I began to write it

I liked this a lot. I wish it were longer!

Thanks. And it would be nice if my fics ended up longer, but my muses assure me that this is the better way for me...

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