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To boldly go where no man has gone before
To boldly go where no man has gone before
X-Over with Star Trek TOS. Written for SPN Big Pretzel Episode Spotlight "Changing Channels"

They couldn't see directly where they were.

The walls all looked generic and the air around them felt pulsing and electric. Strange but not bad.

They were in a laboratory, even if neither Sam nor Dean had ever seen a laboratory like this.

A door opened and a familiar figure came out, familiar in the sense of – I have seen every rerun of this show.

"Lieutenant, Botany gave you the sample we needed?"

Dean realized that he had something in his hand and looked down. Lieutenant, blue uniform.

"Yes, Dr McCoy."

He had to remind himself that he couldn't call the man Bones. This was the original Enterprise series and he was just some no-name character.

The older man found whatever he had searched for and went back to the other room.

"Good, let's test the explosive properties of this plant."

Both Dean and Sam looked shocked at the small container in Dean's hand, unsure how to proceed.

Dean looked up to his brother.

Star Trek Enterprise.

The hunter knew that the demi god was somewhere and laughed at them.

And the guy had something against his brother. He didn't know what Sam had done to get on the shit list, but he managed it.

"You have to go."

"What? Dean, I won't let you here alone with exploding plants."

He had to appeal to Sams gigantic brain. His brother couldn't stay here.

"Sam, you have to go."

Dean grabbed the others hand and held it up so that his little brother could see his uniform.

Red. He wore a red shirt.

In the original series.

Sams eyes widened and he backed away, all but running in the other direction.

"I'll see you later."

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Oh no, Sam!! Be careful!

He should be safe as long as he doesn't talk to anybody. The ones that die get a line to speak.

LOL. Gabriel would have definitely made poor Sammy be a red shirt. And I can so see Dean having to control himself from calling McCoy 'Bones'. Love TOS!!

Yes, it would fit Gabriels humor. He doesn't seem overly fond of Sam
And TOS is an old love of mine

Egads! A red shirt!

Appropos of Star Trek, I just spent a day at the World Science Fiction Convention, covering it for my paper and just enjoying it. There were several Uhura's, red-shirts, Vulcans, Klingons, etc. :)

That sounds great. What is your paper about?

Sorry! I was supposed to be covering it for the newspaper I write for, but the press liaison staff didn't have any info on who was there from my area. So, since I couldn't find anyone to interview, I just had fun! :-)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, couldn't help myself, had to make Sam a red shirt. :)

Lol! Ditto pretty much what everyone else said. Sam as a red shirt! =)

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