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Little Info
I have to explain a bit for this post.
I've written fan fiction for years and I always preferred writing gen fics, but that doesn't mean I didn't dabble a bit from time to time. A bit slash or het at the side to make things more interesting.
When I came to the SPN fandom with this insane amount of slash fic - I decided to only write gen. Sadly some of my muses didn't hear that and didn't want SPN to be any different to other fandoms. And I found a way to deal with this:
Meet hasenbrot, my slash/het alter ego. At the moment there are just two stories but occasionally there will be something new. But I can tell you directly, it may be slash or het but you won't find graphic sex there.

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I wish I'd thought to set up separate journals for my gen and slash fics. Off to friend your other journal!

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