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Gift for amber1960

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For prompt: Bobby stood at the foot of the twin hospital beds, contemplating the latest Winchester double act. On the right was Dean, right leg plastered to the hip, suspended in the air. On the left, Sam, left leg in a similar mirrored state.
That poltergeist had probably died trying to hold in a belly-laugh. “Idjits!”

I can't really explain it. I tried to write the story but it never wanted to go where I wanted it so I finally just gave up. Then I had to think about the idea of art: with no solid software to help me (or even an idea how to use it) and no artistic talent. I finally decided on manipulating around so I didn't have to try drawing with the mouse too much. It fails completely the vision I had of the (written) piece, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

This entry is both my entry for spn_j2_xmas and for hc_bingo broken bones

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I don't know what you were trying for, but what you got is pretty damn funny. And cute.

Poor boys ;) This is adorable! It definitely gave me the giggles. And there are freckles - what more could anyone ask for?

Bwhahahah that is hilarious! Thank you so much for trying out something new for me too, that was brave. I love Bobby's check shirt and sticky-out ears, and the brother's expressions are priceless!

LOL!! Just loved it. So original and cute!

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