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Personal shame
You probably all know something like that, genres or tropes you would never ever write!
I come from the background that RPF is a bad bad thing and while I never wrote anything  in that area (are you insane? These are real people! You don't do something like that!) I read a few things.
To my everlasting shame... I wrote something. No, I never intended it, it was a total accident
Perhaps it sounds a bit better if you know that it's a gen story. (implied Jared/Genevieve).

So, other than to admit this, do any of you know SPN RPF communities for every pairing, genre and rating? It's not possible that everything is just for slash with a few het ones sprinkled in between.


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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but from what you've described I think you could post it to super_real. They accept all fics as long as at least one of the J's is the main focus, it doesn't matter if it's slash, het or gen.

Yeah, that fits, thank you.If I stard writing more that doesn't include the Js I can always search again ;)

Glad I could help! Gen RPF is hard to find, so I don't know of any specific comms, but if you end up writing more and it happens to be slash or het, then it should be easier to find a comm that will accept it, even if the Js aren't in it -- cw_rps and spn_het come to mind. :)

I'm actually a member of spn_het. And somehow it's always only hard to find something when you don't write sex, independent of pairing.

Oh, absolutely. These days I'll read pretty much everything/anything if it's well written, but I love gen fic and it's definitely harder to find the good stuff if you don't know where to look.

Lol, I'm probably going to end up being you at some point. It's just that when you start writing, you end up making up stories for everything ever because you need to fill in the gaps. (Like, I seriously had the urge to write RPF of a woman on an episode of Extreme Couponing. My sister doesn't even write or read fanfic and was totally on board with the idea.)

I'm distracted by the existence of a show called "Extreme Couponing" and what that implies as a show concept. And what that means for the people who really live like that. Picturing it I can even understand the urge to write it. That worries me...

It's about these people who use too many coupons. I'm pretty sure you can only do it in America because here all the coupons have expiration dates, maximum quantities and other specifics that mean you don't save that much money. My favourite episodes are the ones where people walk away with a bunch of (not useful) groceries and the store gives them money, too. There are a few full length episodes on YouTube if you want to watch it.

...and if you do want to write Extreme Couponing fic can you please write me the one where Sam is the extreme couponer and Dean has to deal with his obsession.

Hm, it's exactly what I thought it was.I'll have to think about that potential fic *happily ignoring the plot forming in my mind*

Yes, think about it. =)

I have no recommendations because while I do watch every SPN comm I can find, I very much don't do RPF. But I just had to say that despite the fact that RPF isn't my thing, you shouldn't feel guilty about your interest in it.

A lot of folks in this fandom seem to love it and you should write whatever you want to write. Good luck with the comm search!

I think one of the reasons RPF is so extreme in this fandom is that you don't have to care about the incest problem...

It's just, since I delved into online fandom (my start was Star Trek) the rule was always that you only write about the characters! So it feels a bit strange

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