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As much time as needed

Title: As much time as needed
Summary: Matt was willing to give Ben as much time as needed
Characters: Lisa, Ben, Doctor Matt, Dean
Pairing: Lisa/Matt, implied Lisa/Dean
Word Count: 152
Timeline: S6
Genre: General
Warnings: -

Matt sighed silently.

He knew that when you had a girlfriend with a child the kid needed time to adjust but he had tried everything he could think of.

It wasn’t that Ben didn’t like him or didn’t want his mother to have a relationship; he wanted his mother to have a relationship with her ex.

He never met the man that had lived with the Braeden’s for a year but he was a hard act to follow.

Lisa had been honest with him and told him that she came with that baggage. Of course Matt wasn’t happy about it, but it was easier that she told him. And it wasn’t as if they didn’t all have baggage of some kind, they weren’t teenagers anymore after all.

So, he accepted that Ben would need more time to get over the loss of Dean.

Matt would give him all the time he needed.

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I don't think I've ever seen anyone write about Lisa's new boyfriend after Dean (poor guy.) Nice!

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