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I was pretty quiet the last time. The reason for that is a very strange problem I have: I'm overwhelmed by an abundance of plot bunnies that don't leave me time to finish one thing after another and lots of started fics in documents and on paper.
If anybody is interested in a few critters just tell me your preferences and I hand a few out

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Normally I'd love some but my block recently broke and now I'm buried in them a la Captain Kirk chest-deep in tribbles.

Too many bunnies is such a beautiful problem to have! I always like to keep a healthy heard and prompt-ish thing make me happy so if you did happen to have a bundle of fur that's up my alley - you know anything Dean-centric that's just not quite right or outright twisted - I'd love to give it a good home.

Ya know. I've kicked this around for a few days. I have the big bang I need to write, but I think I'd like to have something shorter to play with as well. If you have any bunnies you think I could take on that you don't have time for - send 'em on over.

As you know I am a Dean girl, mostly gen, although I do dabble in het here and there. I am trying to stretch my muscles a bit and not always write exclusively humor, so it doesn't have to be a cracky or humorous bunny. But I will have to say that I don't think I can write h/c.

Looking forward to what you come up with :)

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