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A Game of chess
A Game of chess
Prompt: "Hey, Sam. How about a game of chess?" What surprised Sam was not that Dean wanted to play was that Dean kicked his ass.
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Sam made another entry in the archive and shut the book. It was interesting but nothing that was of any use for them at the moment. He grabbed the next book and read the title: "Rituals for Druids, the magical properties of Stonehenge". Handwritten, a few centuries old, the tone made it sound like the writer was a Druid himself. He would check the entry and put it to the books he wanted to read but didn't have the time for. Honestly, most of the books in the library belonged in that category.
A theatrically loud sigh.
Sam decided against looking up at his brother. Dean was bored. And a bored Dean was a fidgety Dean. It didn't really help that he couldn't just put him in front of the TV with them not having one and Sam needing the laptop himself for the database he was putting together for the library. He added a mental note that they needed  a TV and a second laptop again.
"Hey, Sam. How about a game of chess?" Dean sorted the chess set and poured them both a coffee.
Perhaps a break was not such a bad idea. He didn't want to admit it to himself but his eyes burned from the tiny letters. Bonus, it gave Dean something to do that didn't include fattening up his brother. Not that Sam didn't enjoy every single meal Dean cooked.
It had been a while since he played but he had always been a passable player. The last time Dean had played had been at Pastor Jim's and Dean was still in the single digits. Which made the thing more than just a bit unfair. "I don't know, chess? How about some other game. I'm sure there is a deck of cards somewhere."
Dean's eyebrow rised. "Are you too chicken to play chess with me?"
It didn't matter that they were both grown-ups, bad-ass hunters and had survived an apocalypse, there were things you couldn't accuse a guy of and expect a rational reaction. Like saying he was chicken. In seconds, thousands of years of evolution were forgotten.
"I show you chess. You want to bet on it?" Oh yes, Dean would go down.
The only question was, what could they play for? Dean was already the one manning the kitchen. With Sam only marginally better than his father he wanted to keep it like that. Money didn't mean anything between them, not the way they lived. Choice of music for the next month?
"Strip chess, a pair of socks counts as one garment." A wide smile. "Or are you afraid of showing me your garters, Sammy? It's Okay, I won't think any less of you for it."
Oh, Dean was practically begging to get trounced. Sam would so enjoy that. "Deal."
The MoL bunker was perhaps the best place they had ever lived. No draft anywhere, no mold, constant room temperature, it was perfect. Even without him being cold he didn't feel comfortable sitting there in his underwear. Or seeing his brother who hadn't lost a single bit of clothing.
How could he have been so stupid, chess was a strategy game. Who in their family had a knack for strategy? Yes, he often ignored it because he wanted faster results but his brother could plan with the best of them.
Sam moved his rook to safe his queen. Dean didn't even think before he made his next move. "Check."
Sam needed a moment till he even saw the trap he fell in and groaned.
"Dean, what do you think of checkers?"

Fandom Level entry: surprises

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*points to icon* :D

Oh,Sam, you big dumbass!

Two small typos in the third paragraph. I think you mean "look up at", and "It didn't really help that he couldn't just him in front of the TV".

Yes, he can be a dumbass

and thanks, it's corrected

This was delightful! Dean's a smartie, not just a smartass. Good on him for kicking Sammy's perfect butt in chess. :D

Lol! Dean would be an excellent chess-player.
Fun fic!

Ich spiele auch so gerne Schach!

Yeah, he would be good.

Ich kann's nicht wirklich spielen. Ich weis die Regeln aber ich denke nicht so...

This was awesome. I think everyone underestimates Dean's skills with strategy and his intelligence. He covers it up so well with his machismo that one never looks past the facade to see what is really underneath.

Believe me, you are preaching to the choir

Uh, Sam? Checkers is a strategy game, too. Don't think that's such a good idea.

It is still far easier than chess

Aw, so cute! I think Dean trapped Sam very effectively there; the kid really should have known better... :D

He will think twice about betting against Dean in the future

Lovely! It makes perfect sense that dean would be awesome at chess. Hee...I love that Sam underestimated him. Oh Sammy... You were the one who called him a genius remember...

Yeah, for a smart guy he has a surprisingly bad memory sometimes :)

Awesome! I love that not only Dean beat him, but that he got to him by calling him a chicken!

Also, the book on Stonehenge make me wan them to watch bad Sy-Fi television and say "Hey doesn't that guy look familiar?"

You do know how fragile the male ego is, they do all kinds of stupid things because of it.

Did you have some specific bad Sy-Fi movie in mind or just "random swamp monster #3"?

Did you have some specific bad Sy-Fi movie in mind or just "random swamp monster #3"?

"Stonehenge Apocalypse" , that awful one that Misha was in.

I just streamed the movie (I never watched it before). I admit there was a part I enjoyed: when I saw Peter Wingfield listed in the beginning. I always liked Methos...

Oh thank you so much for this terrific fill!! Such a fun read. \o/

Thanks for the prompt. I eyed it a few times, came back again and circled around...

I always suspected as much.


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