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Attempt of Poetry
Normally my attempts at anything resembling poetry is restricted to my mother language (other than this one love letter I wrote) and for a good reason. But hey, for writing this at 3 AM it's tolerable.
Before I lose it in the comments of the comm I just post it here as well

I know my spelling needs some work
and the grammar could be better
I puzzle over another word
when I fail with every letter

I know the message, the image clear
fingers glide over the keypad
The story shapes, the end is near
My family thinks me mad

A sudden ping disrupts my thoughts
I watch the scene in silent terror
The blue screne screams it was all for nought
And laughs about my error

I search and try to find again
the file I just completed
Of course the saving was in vain
A big part stays deleted

I take the shards, I start anew
and hope for inspiration
The story goes a bit askew
but it's Okay for reparation

I give it to my beta then,
with hope and dread and tears
I smile getting it all back when
They dispersed my fears

They like the twist, what a surprise
This stop-gap was not that bad?
I neglect to mention where it arised
And my mood goes up like mad

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LOL, that's fantastic. We all can identify with it, I'm sure!

I usually don't care for poems, but that was pretty good. I think I would have a hard time being a writer, always worried how someone would or would not like your work. So, it's probably good I don't have that skill. It takes something special to be one and I admire all of you for your skill and for putting yourselves out there like you do.

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