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Laughing so much
It will probably not shock anyone that next to LJ and AO3 I also post to And yes, there are very strange people in the pit but it's actually rare that they bother me.
I got this funny review yesterday that made me wonder about the IQ of certain pit-dwellers.
I updated my drabble collection with the new ones I had from the White Hat vs. Black Hat competition.
Then I got this little beauty:

JD 6/16/13 . chapter 15
Don't ever post your Shitty drabbles 5 or 6 times, it's annoying & makes my computer slow, if you do it again, i will report you, plus you suck & supernatural sucks, get a life buttwipe.

This has to be from somebody who follows me as an author, they wouldn't get emails otherwise. Can anybody explain to me why you follow somebody as an author instead of a specific story if said author writes 80% in a fandom you hate?
And honestly, if your computer gets slow getting 6 emails, you have other problems.
As I was not done, I updated the last missing drabbles today, it was to late yesterday. His/her/its reaction:

JD 6/17/13 . chapter 22
I told you what would happen you you posted 5 or 6 times but 7, that draws the annoying line, i'm gonna report you for being a trouble maker who annoys people, again supernatural is the worst show on earth.

I really hope they report me and to learn what the mods say about somebody having the audacity to ... *drumroll* actually update their fics!
In light of this reaction I plan to update a lot, just for this JD person, most likely drabbles for their specific amusement.
If I really manage to come up with a steady supply of drabbles in the next days, you know where it's coming from :D

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Wow! That person has big brass ones! I'd block that person. I've only ever had to do that one time at and that was because someone demanded I change the ending on one of my fics because it didn't suit them. She got nasty about it, so I blocked her. I agree with you. Post away!

They didn't log in. If they had logged in I could have answered at least.
I know I could disactivate anonymous reviews but with over 100 fics I never actually got something in that category and I don't see any reason to change that for one idiot.
Somebody actually demanded you change something? Funny thing, if you want something changed, start writing yourself...

Yeah, she did! The ending of one of my fics isn't a happy one. I knew how it would end even before I started writing it, so there was NO WAY I was going to change it for one person, especially when they got nasty and demanding.

I don't allow anon reviews. I know that probably limits me a lot on what I get, and maybe I'll change that setting at some point, but for now it works for me.

There is no rule that says a fic has to have a happy ending...
At least in my case it doesn't make that much of a difference, most anon reviews I get are from people who are just to lazy to sign in and use their actual name as guest name

I like whatever reviews I get but it's frustrating when I get ones that I can't respond to. I reply to EVERY review that I can. I figure if someone takes the time to leave one, I should respond by thanking them.

You're right. Not all fics have to be happy ones.

I kind of feel like... I want to write about 75 drabbles and give them to you, so you can post them at the Pit and blow all of that person's circuits.

What a moron.

Give me the opportunity to do that myself... ;)

I think everyone who wrote a drabble for the challenge at the Big Pretzel should give her permission to post theirs on her account at the Pit so something like this could happen. She could say "Hey this was written by my friend mandraco at spn_bigpretzel and this one was written by my friend tifaching at spn_bigpretzel and so on and so forth

I just updated the next 5 drabbles. Is it bad that now I want to get a reaction?

butwipe? LOL! That really did give me a giggle :D
I haven't heard that one since 7th grade.

Man, there are some strange ones at the Pit. I've met some great people too, but there are definitely some people who shouldn't be allowed to socialize with other humans.

I know, there should be a required min IQ before they allow you to use a keyboard

OMG that's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard! Please, you must keep us updated as to what this asshat does next!

We will see what happens, if somethings happens at all. If it does, I will post it here

Ahahaha! Really? Send 'em a hundred next time. The nerve of some people!

It boggles the mind, doesn't it

That was ... special. I allow anon reviews for the same reason you do, and only got one so far that bugged me (complaining that I warned insufficiently about two of my characters being a couple in one of my fics where romance was NOT the focal point ... I don't do romance ... anyway.) After that I set Anon reviews to be moderated, so they come in but you get 24 hours to decide whether or not to let them through or not. That's a really nice middle ground, as some people do take advantage of internet anonymity to spice up their own dull lives with idiotic rants.

As for JD, why not check your follow list to see if there's someone on it who matches those initials ...? :-)

I would have probably checked it over had they not reacted, out of curiosity. Now I don't actually care anymore so I won't invest time and energy to look them up.
And yes, there is the moderated version but hey, I'm not the one behaving like a whiny teen, I have no problem with others seeing these reviews

Cool. One more suggestion: post your experience on LJ's "fanficrant" site for greater exposure and even more fun! :-)

What stone do these people crawl out from under, really?

You follow an author who writes in a fandom you claim to hate then complain and threaten them when they post stories ... I'm getting a headache just trying to think down to that level!

Interesting that the weasels who write stuff like this always like to do it behind a cloak of anonymity.

I have no idea where they come from.
And yes, somhow the anon idea really brings out the worst in some people.
Even at the opportunities where I'm completely anon contrary to posting under my username I would never decide to write my opinion in a way I wouldn't be willing to own up to in real life.

(Deleted comment)
I keep updated in 6 or 7 fandoms so I mostly go for story alerts instead of author alerts.

And yes, troll logic is the best name for this.

Wow, that's so hilariously ridiculous it's almost cute - poor fool, can't use their silly and computer and has apparently no idea of how reality works... :D If they do report you and you ever hear from them/the maintenance again, let us know!

A part of me really hopes that this is some teen and not an adult because at least then this stupidity is only temporary

I usually don't have too many problems like that with people over at the Pit, but the occasional makes you want to pull out your hair, right?

Why even bother "reading" (LOL,as if) your stuff if they don't like SPN?

Don't ask me, I don't think common sense is a factor in their thoughts

That is just way to funny and way to weird for words. Crazy people. I hope you send all kinds of drabbles and completely blow up this persons email inbox. It would serve them right. I agree with the others, so weird to follow an author and complain about when they post stories and then follow a writer that writes about Supernatural, a show they claim to hate. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, doesn't it.

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