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Digital world

Digital world
S6. Sometimes Bobby didn't really think things through.
Here is the Remix by cosmo_naught

Hunting meant a lot of times reading dusty, old tomes, translating texts and generally researching.

It was a part of hunting because incomplete information oftentimes meant a dead hunter.

After the apocalypse and the start of the monsters running amok even something as loose as the hunting community started on using their strength’s to their advantage.

The first to start was an ex-hunter who decided on research after losing one leg. The Swedish equivalent to Bobby scanned and digitalized her research books to help her colleagues around the world.

Others followed, massive amounts of data about the various monsters of the world.

When Tamara called him to identify something she didn’t believe she was seeing Bobby knew after a few clicks, that no, Tamara wasn’t insane, there really were flying bunnies and please step carefully away from them, haven’t you seen Monty Python, these things nibbled on humans, thank you. –Wolpertinger, native to central Europe.

Of course Bobby did his part, digitalized his books and categorized everything accordingly.

Somebody else started a database to help search for the various critters out there. He admitted he saw it in the series Buffy and Angel but it was still a good idea.

Bobby had no idea of what kind of reactions he would get when he wrote his entry for the database about angels.


Body: Intangible grace. Has to possess a human to interact with other humans. The human has to agree to this. Can only take over bodies from certain human bloodlines

Abilities: teleportation, telekinesis, time-bending, mind-reading, dreamwalking, healing, resurrecting, changing and blocking of memories, conjuring things out of nothing, vanishing things, smiting of demons

Description: Looks like the human they are possessing, no other outward sign. Without a human vessel the sight of an angel in its natural form burns the eyes out of their sockets (for humans and demons both), their natural voice breaks glass, disturbs electronics, for humans it is a hurtful, loud and high pitched sound

Weaknesses: Angelsword

Disposition towards humans: depending on the individual angel

First confirmed encounter: September 8, 2008, Dean Winchester (Hunter)

While he would never get to Dean’s casual aplomb dealing with angels he had gotten used to the idea of interacting regularly with them and sometimes forgot that they were in a very special position with this.

He certainly would have thought twice about adding the angels to the database had he thought about it longer.

It was generally accepted that the organization with the most extensive collection on anything biblical and/or non-human was the Vatican.

The catholic church had both exorcists and hunters working for them and had connections to the other big religions, keeping each other informed regarding the supernatural world.

It didn’t take long for them to find out about an angel sighting.

When Bobby opened the door his mind automatically went to old jokes. He just never thought he would be part of such a joke:

A catholic Priest, a Jewish Rabbi and a Muslim Imam come to the house of a hunter…

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*barks out a laugh* Poor Bobby! :P He was just trying to help, the poor guy! *flails with giggles* Thank you!!

At least this time he can't blame one of the boys for this.
he is just... damned to be helpful

Oh my...You left me wanting more. I would like to see how that encounter went! Better yet, I would love to see Bobby get some "help" from someone with first hand knowledge on the subject. *side eyes her icon*

The problem is, this is Season 6.
And while we fans know in our heart that Gabriel is not really dead but just faked it all and is in some tropical paradise with a ridicolous sweet umbrella drink, calling him is just not an option.
Castiel is, of course, busy running his civil war, and somehow I'm afraid for the clerics if I let them meet Balthazar...

Loved this! Still laughing at the ending. I think they met Bobby at the bar though...
I still believe "Gabriel Lives!!!". I see you do too.

Not really, but this is fan fiction. We can do whatever we want!


Would love to hear that conversation :)

Me, too.
Sadly, I couldn't hear it, Bobby's wardings and sigils are really topnotch...

Ahh poor Bobby. No good deed goes unpunished. Love that he watched Buffy and Angel :) Great oneshot!

Thanks. Yeah, he should know better.
And actually I don't know if Bobby saw Buffy and Angel, the idea came from the hunter who decided to start a database, but I wouldn't put it past Bobby to have seen the shows. Bobby knows Harry Potter and he was even a fan of Tori & Dean (I will never get over that little fact).
I can imagine him sitting him infront of his TV mumbling about idjits every time the show got the lore wrong...

Oh! I didn't see that last bit coming! I would have LOL'ed except...I'm at work. *looks around shiftily*

Great job!

I'm taking the LOL as it was meant :)
Nice that I could tempt you...

LOL - no, I can't imagine that conversation going very well. And I'd just *love* to see what Balthazar would do to them!

I could never sic Balthazar on them, they haven't done anything to warrant that
To be honest the only angel I could imagine for such a talk that wouldn't traumatize the humans one way or the other would be Joshua, but I expect him to be busy

lol-he will blame the boys, though, amirite?

how? where they there? did they force him to write this?
No, this was Bobby alone.
But I expect more grumpiness than normal from him

They set him up- just ask Frank!

He was an idjit: he set himself up :)

lol, really didn't think things through- and given the Church's historical reaction to self-proclaimed mystics-with-a-personal-line-to-the-divine, potentially not really all that funny!

Well, a few of these "self-proclaimed mystics-with-a-personal-line-to-the-divine" become saints after a while. Others built their own religions. But most of them ended in the nuthouse.
honestly, for a worldwide operating Organization keeping an eye on the Supernatural world they must have realized that something happened in the last years

I know, right? One problem with the fact that Supernatural operates in an impermeable bubble that makes Sunnydale syndrome look like Truth Inc.

Oh, this is priceless. I can just see Bobby's attitude as they try to get answers from him. I do wish Hunters would organize like this, though. With the digital world now a solid fact, it would be easy enough for the Bobby's of the world to do. Time consuming, but not hard.

Sorry, had to smile at "the Bobby's of the world"
And sure, the only thing stopping them is their collective paranoia

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