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9 Drabbles

9 drabbles today. It would be nice if you would give me some ideas for new drabbles, I don't care for the scenario, combination of characters, timeline or other character. As long as it is gen, go wild


He loved this time and all these gloriously, stupid people. He remembered how hard it had been in the past, his race had nearly faced extinction and now they were living better than ever before.

Boris looked up when he saw the newest member of his nest. What a surprise, they hadn't lost him to the hunter. Good that he got away, it would have been a shame.

With him as a recruiter they could target some of the older one, these in their twenties and thirties instead of only teens.

He looked forward to getting to know him better

What was happening in his prison? People weren't supposed to just die of heart failure when they were young, strong and healthy. The instincts that had helped him when he fought in the war told him that something was not right in his prison.

There was no rational explanation of everything happening but perhaps there was a reason for the lack of explanation? He had seen something like that before, thinks you didn't talk about...

He needed somebody who knew about these things who could help him. He just needed to find the number of his old buddy John Winchester

[Getrude Case]
Her eyes drank him in, his tuxedo complimented his height and built.

Getrude Case knew that the others at the party would salivate over her newest eye-candy and envy her her handsome companion, who wouldn't. He was not only attractive but also painfully shy, such an endearing combination. She looked forward to dancing with him and everything else that followed, she knew how she could make such a nice and interesting young man relax.

Sam drew back a bit and added some space between them.

She would have no problem taking the lead, he just needed some time and champagne.

Kat saw down to the brittle coffin as the corpse burned. Ghosts always reminded her of her first encounter with the supernatural world and the old asylum in Rockford, Illinois and the two hunters she and her ex-boyfriend Gavin had met there. She never thought she would hunt herself.

A peek at her watch told her she needed to go home, she had promised her husband that to come back as fast as she managed that they still had some time for themselves before the baby would wake up.

She grabbed her shotgun and shovel started the trip back home.

Metatron looked around and basked in the knowledge of being the only angel left in heaven. This was everything he ever wanted since he had to flee his home, next to reading the only thing he was looking forward to.

He settled on a chair in a heaven that resembled a giant library and sorted the books he wanted to read. Perhaps it was time to learn what else happened during his stay on earth from a different perspective than Castiels.

The books he wanted to read were laying in-front of him, all ordered and waiting: Supernatural by Carver Edlund

[Mike Guenther]

It was a shame, what had happened to the Winchesters. Mary's death and the way John had just taken leave of reality? Mike Guenther remembered how wrecked John had been. The man had lost his wife but he didn't even look for his children at first, leaving the baby and the child with him and the Mrs. He just pickled his liver in his misery and mumbled strange things about things that couldn't be real before he grabbed the boys and ran. These poor children. Mike hoped his old partner managed to get help before he ruined the little ones.


Naomi watched when Castiel was brought back to her office. She needed his cooperation to get the angel tablet, the only way she would be ever able to tip the power struggle in heaven in her favor. She wondered how she could bring the wayward angel to her side since the normal programming didn't seem to take.

Castiel stood there, bewildered over landing here, again.

She didn't give him enough time to plan his defense or escape, her powers fixed him in position for a new try. She would manage to crack him and bring him back to the fold.

[Samuel Campbell]

Samuel looked around and couldn't believe how much the world had changed in the years he had been dead and in heaven. The clothes were a lot more revealing, there were ordinary people with tattoos all over their bodies, jewelry and perfume was not something that was exclusive for women anymore and to access the collected knowledge of the world with you just needed a tiny, portable phone.

Hunting was so much easier now, with somebody always available for research and the ability to contact somebody independent of your location.

If only his grandson wouldn't give him these galling emotions



Zachariah couldn't believe what had happened, Uriel was the last angel he had ever expected of defaulting to the side of Lucifer and killing his own brethren.

And now Zachariah was the one who had to find a way to reel Dean Winchester back in and bring him back on track, not that the human made that easy.

Perhaps it was time for a more personal touch, something that explained to the thick headed mud-monkey the situation. They still needed him after all.

The angel found his nearest potential vessel working in a haunted company in Ohio. This was perfect.

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I'm going to go ahead and throw random characters and words at you in the hope that something sticks.

1. ...and then I decided that I really just want to see Roy and Walt meeting Sam and Dean again.
2. Diana Ballard. Castiel. Make it happen.
3. Secret klutziness.
4. Kathleen Hudak and Emma.
5. All the Dons.
6. And then Amelia vs. Amelia.
7. Golem sexytimes. (That's totally a gen plot.)
8. You know you want to write about My Little Ponies again.
9. And tentacles.
10. Greek gods and Percy Jackson.

Yeah, I so ran out of ideas, I hope you have better luck with your drabbles.

Very nice.

How about Deanna Campbell. And maybe Samuel with his thoughts about Dean, not just Sam. Any of the other Campbells. Then there is the Alpha Vamp. I second the one from Mandraco about Walt and Roy. I really wish Show would give us another encounter with those two, and more in Dean and Sam's favor this time.

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