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Lazarus Rising

Lazarus Rising
S4. Episode Tag 4.01

Bobby realized that having somebody resurrected from the dead after a few months had a serious downside he never thought about before.

Dean’s duffel, everything that belonged to him, was still with Sam in the Impala.

The older hunter had herded the stubborn Winchester to take a shower.

And considering Sam and him had put Dean in the ground with these clothes Bobby didn’t want to see them for awhile.

They landed in the laundry, giving Bobby this new problem.

In a moment of drunken grief Bobby had banished everything he could find that reminded him of Dean.

And of course all the Winchesters had to be too tall for normal clothes, even with Dean being the smallest of the lot, nothing of Bobby’s would fit him.

He scrounged through the house, looked everywhere in the boy’s room and wherever else he could think of to find clothing left behind from previous visits that escaped his sweep before.

And however strange this problem was, Bobby far preferred it to the alternative.

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Nice insert into the episode :)

This fic gave me the excuse to see this episode again. You know, just for fact checking, if Dean really changed clothes between Bobby and meeting Sam.
It was all very scientific...

Hells_half_acre has done a detailed clothes analysis for the entire series and she discovered that the plaid shirt and brown jacket Dean is wearing after he changes at Bobby's are actually Sam's clothes, and she cites the episode :)

I think I can live with the fact that I could have assured myself differently :)

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