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12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 4
The Joys of Eternity
Genre: Humor
Rating: K
Characters: Death
Summary: There were benefits to having all the time in the universe
Word Count: 63

Death considered his choices. Humanity had brought forth so many great inventions, so much creativity and astonishing and/or surprising ideas, some better than others, some worse. This definitely belonged in the “better” category.
These were the moments when he was thankful for him being eternal, giving him all the time to try everything he wanted
“I will take the deep-fried Snickers bar.”

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Hee! Ah, Death, one of the perks!

Do you think he's already had deep fried mac and cheese?

Considering his taste that's possible, even if I can't understand why anybody would want that.

Heehee. I suspect he is in Scotland, deep fried creme egg may be next on the agenda, - though I suspect he would disapprove of deep fried pizza.

He could be anywhere, weating his way through the local fare. But yes, with this I would also think of Scotland

No one can blame you for your selection--Death is awesome! I wonder if he got into liking junk food because he wondered about the draw of something that was so very, very bad for people... It must be nice not having to worry about calories, fat, sugar, or cholesterol!

This was a nice little character piece.

I know I would do the same were I him

And thanks

Adorable :D The only thing better would be seeing him sampling it for the first time.

Who could blame you for writing Death? For this challenge, I did too! He's easily one of the most fascinating characters of SPN, after all!!!

He's my favorite horseman, but I have this thing where I try to cover lots of minor characters in my writing and I struggle with the other 3 (Famine in particular)

(Deleted comment)
Who wouldn't want that?

Heehee, deep-fried Snickers bars without the cholesterol worries; Death has some serious perks to his job!

Yeah, to make up for all the crappy aspects of his job

Indeed, all the time in the universe to sample all the delectable treats out there - and the other great thing about it is - I'm sure Death doesn't have to worry about calories. That is an added bonus. Wish I could be so lucky.

All the joys, none of the negative points :)

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