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12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 11
Unacceptable Sin
Summary: Sam was dead.
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean
Word Count: 94

Sam was dead. Demons and angels, heaven and hell hadn't managed it but finally he had done himself in. Dean accepted a lot of things when it came to his little brother, but this would be different.

Hell, after a few comments in the past Dean would think he had done it on purpose. He would never be allowed to drive the Impala again, he was sure of that.

Sam accepted his fate and went through the door of their current motel room. "Dean, how do you repair a headlight of the Impala again?"

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Way less angst than I was expecting. Thanks for that!

Thanks. But it's a bit funny hearing that from you ;D

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He'll forgive you eventually, Sam.

At least this time Dean won't have to rebuild the whole thing!

It will take time, that's for sure

NObody messes with "his baby" - not even Sam. ;)

At least it wont be as bad as anybody else

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