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12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 12
At the Water Cooler
Summary: Meanwhile, down in hell
Rating: PG
Season: 9
Word Count: 138

If there was something like the demonic water cooler in hell the talk there would circle around the disappearance of Crowley, the return of Abaddon and the sudden entrance of all these angels. And the Winchesters of course, because the Winchesters always qualified for interesting talks. Then there was this new order for the crossroad demons, about collecting their deals early. They knew better than to say anything against the new queen in the interest of their own continued existence.

Then there was the remodeling of hell, based on the pre-Crowley version and the search for capable torturers among the demons left. The lines of high-profile torturers had taken a bit hit in the last years and Abaddon had labeled the rest below par. Of course there was no water cooler talk. The queen had taken them too.

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You almost have me feeling sorry for the denizens of hell...

The new regime is hard on them

That's one of those things about Crowley - he's such a businessmen. I can almost imagine there were watercoolers in Hell.

It's easy to forget that demons are kind of cogs in a larger machine, and that they were actually human once. There's a human side to them, in a twisted way.

Made me think!

Yes, demons have still human characteristics. Why not this

Bwahahaha….imagining Abaddon taking all the water coolers as her first order of business in hell. :D I love this version of hell.

Next order of business in hell, taking all the coffee machines away

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now we're talking Hell!

I get the impression demons are terrible gossips--water coolers or no water coolers! And you know there's only so much terrorizing Abaddon can do... I'm surprised they haven't driven her crazier, yet.

I remember Crowley bitching about demons to Bobby: "And stupid..."

Really enjoyed this. Of course she took the water coolers. Management changes are never any good.

this is perfect ^^ Abaddon does seem the type to cut any perks.

Long live King Crowley. AT least he had a sense of order about his structure in hell. But, I do love the havoc that the Winchesters have indirectly wrecked on Hell, what with no high-profile torturers and all.

He may be the king of hell but at least he keeps the demons in check and both the order and hell itself running. Now we just need the somebody with the same function for heaven, somebodynot Metatron

Yes, Crowley does keep order in Hell doesn't he? And we definitely need a counterpart of the same integrity as Crowley running Heaven. Metatron is definitely out. In fact, when he is killed, and I have no doubt that he will be eventually, I think he should take a trip to Purgatory. That really is where that lowlife belongs.

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