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My fics 2013
I promised you a fic review of last year and here it finally is.

Total number of completed stories: 31 + 2 Series

Chronological breakdown:

Old Loves, SPN, nc-17, Jess/Sam
On Separate Channels, SPN, R – NC-17, see warnings
Proms, SPN
Signs of aging, SPN

Adjusting protocols to the behavior of people from a different universe, Star Trek: TOS/Mirror!verse
Hidden abilities, SPN
The Power of Knowledge , SPN

A Game of chess, SPN
Work Meeting, religious RPF/SPN
Natural Fear, SPN

The waiting room , Stargate SG-1/SPN
Last meeting with an unknown Friend , Doctor Who

Lebanon, KS, Population: 364, Buffy/SPN

Meeting a missing friend , SPN
Sleeping , SPN
A different battle , Vengeance Unlimited
Alright , Dark Angel
For One Night , Dark Angel, NC-17, Alec/Lux, see warnings
In Preparation , Doctor Who/SPN
Of Wishes and Words , Buffy/SPN

Chance Encounter , Doctor Who/SPN

Horror Movie Night , SPN
Sleeping Aid , Dark Angel, R, Max/Logan/Alec

Fathers and families , That '70s Show/SPN
Ordinary Talks , Dark Angel
Christmas '82 , SPN
Personal Riddle , SPN
Instruction Manual , SPN
The Joys of Eternity , SPN
5 Reasons Zachariah hates being on earth and 1 Reason why he likes it here, SPN
Following the Instructions , SPN

Plus Ongoing Drabble Series:
Alternate Vessel of Castiel , SPN/multi
Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles, SPN

Overall Thoughts:

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? Both less and what I expected. With nearly dropping out of fandom for a while this is not a surprise

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? Doctor Who was a surprise for me. Never wrote something for that before

What's your own favorite story of the year? I think I have to go with the drabble series “Alternate Vessel of Castiel“ because it not only allows me to play in all kinds of fandoms, I can explore random characters

Did you take any writing risks this year? Yes. In ratings, fandoms and kinks

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year? Continue your WIPs and the other stories just burning on my hard drive, waiting to be cleaned up and posted!

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year: That's a hard question. Obviously I don't hate anything I've written, I would have never posted it otherwise. It depends on my mood, the same reason I vary in which genre I write

My most popular story of this year: According to AO3, “On Separate Channels”. Given the rating and the Warnings and my tendency to normally write gen this was not a surprise

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: “A different battle”, also not a surprise. It's for one of these series that died way to early and doesn't actually have a fandom

Most fun story to write: “5 Reasons Zachariah hates being on earth and 1 Reason why he likes it here”.

Story with the single sexiest moment: “Sleeping Aid”. Yes, lame, I know

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: I would have to say “On Separate Channels”, even if I didn't write it with that in mind. I just tried to find a way to write a story with a non-con and bestiality warning to fit a comm for humor. But “For One Night” was a surprise as well.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: “Chance Encounter”. One of the things about writing crossovers is that with that you see characters in a different light

Hardest story to write: “On Separate Channels”. I've never written crack before and I expect I will never do it again. This is not something that comes naturally to me

Biggest disappointment: “Meeting a missing friend”. Knowing there could have been so much more and I just lack the will and ideas

Biggest surprise: “The waiting room” I didn't think about writing some kind of meta-ish story, it just happened that way

Most unintentionally telling story: “Horror Movie Night” Had I been there with Kevin and Crowley I would have suffered as well!

Fic-writing goals for 2014: I have a few original stories I have to finish and polish


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