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Dean knew which skills he needed, and he knew how to get them.

Dean looked up to Mrs Garibaldi and was encouraged by her smile and nod. Everyone who lived in their current home, a mobile home colony at the edge of town in the middle of nowhere was poor. But their neighbor still managed to feed her 6 children, she clearly was the perfect person to teach him frugal cooking. There was a time when people had to learn to do more than just warm a can of soup or prepare orange Mac and Cheese. Starting with the things that were cheap and filling to which kinds of meat were cheaper and what you could do with them. His notebook was filled with tips, instructions on what to do with leftovers and how to stretch his provisions.

When they moved again and Dean had a second pack with him his father wanted to protest. He looked inside to see a few spices and dry food, a few cans of vegetables and meat and some powdered milk. A notebook.

John Winchester looked to his 14 year old son and gave everything back to him. A simple nod in acknowledgment was enough.

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You simultaneously credit smart!Dean and make it sad that that is what he had to do...

I'm sure Dean wouldn't have seen it as sad

What a lovely, sad little story. Dean wants to make life better and it's so hard.

Yeah, I don't know why For some reason all stories I wrote for Dean's Birthday are sad. I'll try for something a bit more upbeat next year

At least Dean had some guidance every now and then to teach him the finer points of cooking. He had to learn somehow, right? It's just sad that he had to learn at all, but still, there are a lot of kids out there that have been in, or are in now a role of caretaker due to a single-parent household.

I do love it how he had a separate backpack with his notes and some pantry staples, and that John agreed to let him keep them.

Yes, there are a lot of children who had to learn everything, dean just being one of them.
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