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Hello everyone!
David Tennant John Barrowman Kiss SD Comic Con 09

After a long long time, I'm finally back. First there was that desaster LJ did with the Plus Accounts and when they finally managed to get them working again I was actually not there. Made a visit to my sister from Wednesday to yesterday and was pretty busy everyday.
Belated thanks to all the nice birthday greetings!
Just happy that I'm home again. Now I just have to wait a few days till my cat forgives me that I left her...

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(Deleted comment)
Welcome back! LJ has been giving me trouble for a while. Pages don't load completely sometimes, I had trouble with my scrapbook and then had trouble posting entries yesterday. :P

Happy Belated Birthday! I've been so busy with family stuff (my uncle's health has been very poor and he just went back into the hospital) I'm sorry I didn't get to make an entry for it in my LJ. I hope you had a great one! *hugs*

Yes, it was nice.
LJ was really bad for a while, Inbox not loading, but I didn't know that the paid accounts were spotty as well

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