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Voyager: A Good Day
A Good Day
Janeway reflecting

Captain Kathryn Janeway sighed softly. She was tired.
Tired of being the one responsible for everybody on her ship, of having to make every decision, never having real free time.
Yes, being a Captain in Starfleet was always a hard job but Captains on regular ships had the opportunity for holidays. Of course it was also different flying in an area of space you didn't know, always prepared for a possible battle.
And that all with a less than optimal number of crew members and on replicator rations.
A small smile. Despite their whole situation this was a good day.
They didn't have problems with others, they were stocked up and could concentrate on getting back to the Alpha Quadrant for a while and most important, they had found a good replacement for coffee on their last food gathering trip. Yes, it was only a matter of time before they would run out and they were back to Neelix's more creative concoctions he liked to call coffee, but right now? All was well in her life.

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Nothing like a Kazon-free day and ersatz coffee ... :-)

The simple things in life :)

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