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The Aftermath
The Aftermath
After Season 9. Sam seeing that Dean is missing

What the hell had happened? Where the hell was his brother?
Sam didn't know what had happened with his brothers corpse, but he knew who was responsible for this: Crowley!
He didn't know why the demon had taken him, what his plans were but whatever this little snivelling hell creature did, Sam would find him. Find him and make sure that he would pay for what he had done to his brother, what he had led him to. Sam would use all his energy and resources to track the former King of Hell down, extract revenge and get the body of his brother back. Whatever Crowley wanted it for, he would curse the day he took it with him, the day he brought Dean to Cain. Hell, when Sam was done with him, Crowley would curse the day he ever met the Winchesters. He would pray to whoever that he should have let Lucifer kill all the demons instead of helping them against the angels.
He would learn that if there was one thing worse than the apocalypse or being on the shit list of the Winchesters, it was being the recipient of the personal wrath of Sam Winchester.
A dark smile. The hunt was on.

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OMG! From your words to the writers pens. I would absolutely love to have Sam give payback to Crowley. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the day when Crowley is dealt his final death at the hand of the Winchesters. Although, out of all the monsters that Dean and Sam have encountered over the years, Crowley is the one thing that doesn't underestimate the power and skill of these two brothers. But, I do think that Crowley may have met his match when he goes up against a hell bent Sam.

Crowley did do this to Dean. I really do look forward to the day when Sammy can exact his revenge upon Crowley. That will be a great day, indeed.

I can't imagine Sam being happy with Crowley coming Season

Yes, I do believe that Sam will be mighty irritated and testy with Crowley this coming season. He has to think that Crowley helped to lead Dean down this dark path, so it will be interesting to see Sa's reactions towards Crowley.

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