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A little Break
A little Break
Prompt: Supernatural/Angel, Dean/Faith, cigarettes & alcohol. Next ficlet in this verse.

Faith looked up when the door opened. She wasn't surprised to see that it was Dean who had fled, the older Winchester brother had looked as bored as she trapped in a discussion between Giles and Dawn about the grammar of Aramaic.
Dean looked to her cigarette and up to her face. “You have another?” He looked like he really needed the nicotine, so she gave him her last one. The look of bliss after he inhaled the first time was familiar.
“It's been a while since your last one?” Dean snorted. “You've met my brother. He's annoying enough without reason, he got so bad about me smoking it was easier to quit.” Faith nodded, she had gotten the same from a number of people. “I know what you mean, but I don't get it. With our job we won't get old enough to get lung cancer anyway.”
“That was my argument as well, didn't help.”
They sat there in silence enjoying their cigarettes, both happy to be away from Giles, Willow and Sam nerdgasming over one thing or another.
“We just need a drink and this would be perfect.” a quiet evening, not having to look after the mini Slayers... Faith loved what she was and what she did, but it was still great to get a break from time to time. She felt something beside her and took the bottle with a little smile. Yes, she would enjoy this little break


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