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A little Break - 2
A little Break - 2
SPN/Angel, Dean&Faith. Unconnected ficlet in the same verse as A little Break

Another day, another impending apocalypse.
Till they found the lair of the Sesslek demons and could stop them from their third attempt of world domination in 6000 years, Faith used the time to get a little training. The other Slayers were either out patrolling, doing their homework or doing anything else with the training room being hers alone.
She heard the door and boots coming in her direction, human, no danger. After she was through with her routine she looked up to find Winchester assessing her moves.
“Back again? What brings you to Cleveland?”
“Your Watchers asked for a Japanese book Bobby had lieing around. We had a job in the area and played delivery boys.”
“You had a job in the area?” That was not a good sign. The two different kinds of Supernatural beings and magics tended to keep to themselves, with Cleveland being a hell mouth and a beacon for her kind of baddies, his kind of baddies should be far, far away.
A snort. “A necromancer. Demons I get, humans are crazy.”
Faith would sign that. His kind of witches that got their power from alliances with demons – and not their own demons but the hell kind – were bad enough on their own, adding necromancy just made everything so much worse. She remembered Willow's reaction of hearing of witches using demonic powers, it hadn't been pretty.
“You want to spar?” It would help him get some of the energy out he was practically bursting with and she would enjoy a little match. Yes, Dean was a regular human but he was used to fighting beings that were stronger than him. A few years ago she would have offered him a different way to get rid of that energy, one that they would also both enjoy. She thought he would have been up for a little mutual beneficial romp, but they were building a nice relaxed friendship and this wasn't the right time.
Faith nodded and got ready for her sparring session. The Sesslek wouldn't know what hit them.

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I do see Dean and Faith kinda cut from the same cloth. I think they would get along very well. In and out of bed.

Yeah they would go along great.

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