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Temporary Displacement
Temporary Displacement
Winchesters don't really die. She would find a way out and back as well, this was just a temporary situation.

She didn't know what she expected as her after-existence but that wasn't it. The eternal garage of perfect conditions was exactly as it sounded: Climate controlled, dust free... boring.
She wanted her human with her and the highway under her tires. Even if it had just been the other one, the one that invaded her privacy and body once, the human with the abominable music taste who had allowed a mutt to ride in her, she could have arranged herself with it.
"I know it's strange, but you get used to it." Baby concentrated on the other cars around her. The one that had spoken had been a VW transporter with the most terrible paint job she had ever seen. Worse than a Barbarian queen riding a polar bear.
"I'm Mystery Machine, these are K.I.T.T. and Bumblebee. And you are?"
“Looking for a way out of here.” She was a Winchester and the car of a hunter. She would find a way back to life again and out of this horror.

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Love that the other cars are famous, too, though Baby might not know it! This made me grin...

Baby does indeed find herself amongst this class of famous cars.....and yet, I think she is also in a class all by herself, far above these other cars. She is a Hunter, after all. ;)

Very nice.

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