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Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Dean remembers a lot of his childhood but some parts are not that clear

Dean woke up, his nightmare still fresh on his mind. It wasn't as if nightmares were anything unusual for Winchesters, with the work they did they were a common occurrence. The strange aspect in this case was what he was having nightmares about. No monsters, just other children, tests that had been done on him and on the other children and a man who looked like a doctor.
Was this a memory? He didn't remember any of this but these seemed to be memories more than anything else.
He tried to remember the last time they been in Jacksonville, Florida, or somewhere that was in the vicinity. A check in their fathers journal made clear that he had been here before when he was a child.
He looked over to Sam to see that his brother was still sleeping and decided to get a few answers. His memories didn't give him much but the images became clearer in his mind.

Jacksonville Dr Walter Bishop

He hoped it was enough for the search engine

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Please, can there be more?

I want to, but I have some other series and wips open

OK, now I am SO ready for a full-length Supernatural/Fringe crossover fic. It would work beautifully, would it not?

It would, just lacking the time for writing it

Oooh, I've always wanted to see a Fringe/SPN crossover. Intriguing.

I'm pretty sure I've seen some before

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