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A little Break - 3
A little Break - 3
SPN/Angel, Dean&Faith. Unconnected ficlet in the A little Break verse. Follows A little Break - 2

“Surprised to see you here. What happened, got so bored In Cleveland you came to play with us now?” Dean concentrated back on his car after commenting her being there and did something she couldn't see. As much as Faith liked a nice car or motorcycle, she had no interest in the mechanics of them, but she enjoyed watching an attractive sweaty mechanic working on them. Like now.
“Sadly, no. There is a peace treaty between two demon species they are working on after 1200 years of war. They asked for a Slayer delegation for the formal signing. It's supposed to keep the possible protesters in check.”
That got a small chuckle out of Dean. “Ah, the joys of politics. And your signing is here in the area or are we just a little stop before it goes back on the road?”
“Just a stop, we have to drive up to Canada. We wanted Willow to bring us, but they don't allow magic around them.”
She listened back to the other slayer in the house and could here Vi in a discussion with Bobby. The older hunter would say something when Vi got to be too much for him, Faith was sure.
She spotted the green box and got two beers out.
Dean took his beer and went back to thinking about the engine. “A little trip up North, sounds fun.”
Of course the guy who drove everywhere would say that. Faith far preferred the instant convenience of Wiccan Air.
She relaxed, drank her beer and watched a sweaty and dirty Dean Winchester slave over his car on a sunny afternoon. Perhaps driving wasn't as convenient but this little stop at Singer Salvage did have its own perks.

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Oh, I don't know, I think driving cross country in a beautiful classic car with Dean Winchester would be perk. I'd take that any day over flying Wiccan Air.

Yes, it does have it's perks :)

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