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Because why not?

  1. Dean

  2. Gabriel

  3. Crowley

  4. Alistair

  5. Season 2

  6. A few, but Monster Movie was the first SPN episode I ever saw and will always be special for me.

  7. I'm both not a shipper and open to all ships, so I just claim the one ship every fan can get behind: Dean/Pie

  8. Lucifer

  9. There were characters I don't particular care for but I didn't try to rank them.

  10. Julian Richings (Surprise?). Sorry people, you can't beat Death himself

  11. "Accidents don't just happen accidently." In this world this actually makes sense.


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Another great choice in favorite saying. It has been fun to see what others put in the meme. There are SOOO many to choose from.

I love your choice of Julian Richings. He was great as Death and he is also such a charming man. And Alastair was definitely one of the better villains out there. I do like your choices.

Monster Movie is such a good one!

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