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To all writers on AO3
It turns out uploaded AO3 stories without permission.
Here are the instructions what to do and more information.
It will be interesting to see how they will react and how long it will take. Just writing my own mail for them.

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It's worse than that. Some of the fic links go to other sites that are known scammer sites, and I have already encountered a few that were asked to give up their credit card info, so people really need to be careful if they approach the site - and don't provide anything but email and author name.

I know, I read the AO3 post about it. I send my complaint in with only my pseudonym and my fandom email.

Good. God knows what these arseholes are doing with the info they get. Argh, why can't they at least stick to plagiarizing and stealing fic like normal people.

Something I have not been able to learn from any of the sites which have posted this information: HOW can I tell WHICH of my works have been posted without my consent?

go there and search for your AO3 pseud. I wasn't even aware that you post to AO3.

I don't - I'm just checking to make sure nothing was grabbed from LJ or DW, either. I am a member of AO3, but I really like having my things in just one place. Here and on DW (and IJ and DJ!) I'm vikingprincess. On AO3 I'm Viking_Princess (and vikingprincess)

I didn't think they had any of my stories because I poked around in the author pages, but then I searched instead and bingo, one story came up. There's absolutely no explanation of what the story's even about, just the title and my pseuds. Why would anyone pay to read a story when they have no information on it? What a stupid site.

Yeah, I don't get it either. Who is stupid enough to give these kinds of sites their financial data...

Especially when ALL of the fanfic is available for free.

I mean, I'm flattered that someone out there might pay to read my fic (they've gotten one of mine too), but I'd rather people read it for free on AO3 or my website.

Let us know how the site reacts to your email. I'm not going to send my email just yet until I know how effective these emails are, and also what AO3 intends to do.

It's down, so is yours. They reacted yesterday. And you are not the only one who had their stuff taken down without a complaint.
Just hoping they learn from this

Awesome! I'm glad we didn't have to get into a big fight with them to get the job done. I wonder if they even realized they were trying to sell fanfiction! :P Dopes.

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