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Voice Meme

Audio and voice recording >>

lots of pauses and sighs

[Here are the questions]
-Introduce yourself with how you *think* we see you.
-Childhood nickname and why?
-Your favourite swear words.
-Favourite holiday destination.
-How long do you think Supernatural will run?
-Favourite character?
-Favourite secondary character?
-Sammy's most 'fabulous' hair season.
-Dean's best insult!
-Tell us what your wishes are for the boys.
-Pronounce the word squirrel.
-Favourite season 10 episode.
-Newest show related crush.
-Read us a small excerpt of your own fic. Read us a small excerpt of someone else's fic.
-Anything else?


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Do you need to have a microphone in order to record your voice with that site?

No, I only have the mic that is already in my laptop.

Executioner Song is my favorite S10 episode as well. Your voice is not at all how I might have thought it to be. Of course, I'm not sure I've ever seen a pic of you, so I have no visual way in which to imagine how your voice might sound.

I did hear the accent, but it wasn't as pronounced as some other german friends I have. Of course, I grew up listening to a dutch accent, thinking that was normal. I never heard the accent in my mother, although everyone else did.

I also say shiza sometimes. Grew up hearing it from my father. Lovely memories.

Both Executioner Song and First Born... I really love the Cain & Dean interactions.

And no, you haven't seen a pic of me. I come from the data and information vocation area and because of that I'm selective what I post under my online name and what under my real name.

While I don't speak dutch my german dialect has similarities, that probably helps

I also loved the Dean/Cain scenes and interactions. Would have loved to see more.

I can understand you wanting to be selective about what you post online. Totally get that. That is why I have a locked LJ and why my FB page has only selective friends instead of everyone under the sun like a lot of people do.

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