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Sorry for the distraction
Normally my entries are about a new SPN fic I've written so this is totally unexpected, even for me. I have to make that up and write something smaller during my other scheduled writing. This is something completely unrelated.

I wasn't feeling that good today (various reasons, not important) and got a real kick out of finding this at geeksaresexy.
This is for everybody who needs a bit hilarity to get through the day

credit to RhettandLink

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Perish the thought of the world running out of bacon. Very cute. And I couldn't help but think when he said he had a dream about the apocalypse starting, that instead of rubbing some bacon on it, well, he should call Dean and Sam Winchester, they can help. :P

Hope you're feeling better.

You are right, he should sent Dean and Sam to rub some bacon on it...
And I'm pretty sure Dean at least would hate a world without bacon.

Thanks, yes it's better now

Haha, this is hilarious -- I'm still giggling. :D

Hope you're feeling better now. ♥

Yes, thank you.

And nice to get a giggle out of you

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