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Finally got my invitation for AO3, so I was pretty busy this evening.
I'll crossposted every finished story there, not only SPN, so if somebody is interested, here is the AO3 link.

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You're much better at cross posting than I am. In the past couple of weeks that I've had an account I've reposted a grand total of one story. =)

If it makes you feel better, I don't have nearly as much stories, so it wasn't that much to do. Just around 40 stories.
You do know you can upload them from a different site (like LJ) as a draft so you just have to tinker with them?

Edited at 2012-06-01 10:11 am (UTC)

Even that's too much effort, lol. I don't have that many more than 40 stories...

Actually, I think my real issue is that I don't really want to cross post everything, so then I have to decide. Lol.

Congratulations on getting all your work in there. You're way ahead of me, and I've been a member for two years or more. I still have stories I haven't posted. Unfortunately, by not doing them all right away, I've lost track of which ones still need to be entered.

The problem is now I see the works count for AO3 and for and am reminded of all my WIPs...
I have to do something about that after all my scheduled writing is done

(Deleted comment)
I did it because I had to. I knew it would take ages for me if I didn't do it directly.

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