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Changed Perception

Changed Perception
Dean's day as Death didn't just change his view on death and the natural order of things.
Supernatural, the Winchesters or anything else doesn't belong to me. Damn.

Sam went down the street and realized that his brother stared at a street corner in concentration, a corner that held nothing of interest to them.

If there had been somebody, Sam would have thought Dean had nodded a silent greeting. There just wasn't anybody.

"Dean? Are you OK?"

"Sure, Sam. So, what did Bobby say about this strange happenings?"

Dean focused on his brother again but a part of him kept the reaper in sight.

The woman had seen him, realized that he could see her and answered his nod.

Dean could see reapers since his little stint as Death.

He didn't know if this ability was temporary or would fade away. Death hadn't said anything about it but that didn't really mean anything.

For the hunter these little sightings here and there had a comforting effect. Reapers practically oozed calmness and serenity. Perhaps this was the reason Dean automatically relaxed when he saw one of them, perhaps he had been dead so often his body recognized them or perhaps it was an aftereffect of the ring like the ability to see them itself.

He concentrated on his brother again. They had a hunt to investigate.

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Dean and Death is always a good combination!

I'm so curious about your icon. I feel so silly but I must know who those people are!

I am pretty sure that is Ezra and Dean, from the episode "Time After Time".

Yes, exactly.
The icon was made by casett

Yes, I have some icons by casett

<--points to icon

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