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Old Acquaintances
Old Acquaintances
It's surprising, the people you know. X-Over with White Collar

Peter laid a collection of IDs in front of Neal.

FBI, CSI, NSA, Homeland Security, ATF, the collection was impressive.

The name on the IDs varied, but the picture always showed the same middle aged man.

Neal looked them over, took note of the high quality work.

But then, he knew the forger, recognizing his work from before.

It had always been a shame that somebody with that much talent didn't do more with it.

Considering he normally worked with standard copiers, his results with better equipment were spectacular.

These IDs had been made by a high quality printer, the details were nearly perfect.

Neal would expect that even most law enforcement types fell for them.

“The police found this guy and have him down for robbery and impersonation of an officer.

Then they found his impressive weapons collections and these.

Considering the quality I thought perhaps you know who made them.”

Neal nodded absentmindedly.

“Yes, but I'm surprised to see them.

As far as I knew he just made them for his own personal use. I always thought it was a shame.”

Peter smirked at being right.

“And who is it?”

Neal still looked critically over the work. There were a lot of people who forged IDs, but few of them on this level and even fewer had such a wide spectrum. He also forged Insurances and other official letters. Neal didn't know what his Con was specifically, but he had never been out for money. He played Poker and Pool for that.

“His name is Dean Winchester. But he always made them for himself and his father, I never expected him to start selling.

When he looked up he saw that Peter was staring at him.


“Dean Winchester.”

Neal didn't understand Peter's reaction. “Yes.”

The other man collected himself. “You don't know, do you? You have no idea who he was?”

Neal remembered back when he had met Dean, years ago. Funny, snarky, worked a rougher crowd than Neal himself.

They had met through an old friend of Neal's who sold antique and rare books.

Peter shook his head in amazement. “I may work in White Collar but I am an FBI Agent, so yes, I know of Dean Winchester: He was on the FBI Most Wanted list. Murder, torture, the whole program.”

Neal was surprised. He tried to reconcile the impression he got with this new information. Either the man had extremely changed in the years, the FBI had wrong information or the guy had managed to con him.

He heard Peter speaking on the phone. “I need to speak with Special Agent Hughes.”

The FBI Agent looked at the IDs with a new appreciation.

Knowing the FBI the way he did the fun would only begin now.

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I always love to read outsider POV to see what others thoughts and opinions are of our boys. I loved Neal's impression of Dean, who he thought was an expert forger and admired his work. That's right, that's our Dean, always the best for Dean. Gotta love it.

Are you going to continue with this? I don't normally read crossover's but I am intrigued with this one.

Yeah, I love Outsider POV as well, and considering what the boys always get away with, Dean has to be a very good forger.

But no, this is complete. I never saw enough White Collar to really write a longer fic with it.

Please tell me there's more to come!

No, this is a Oneshot.

Nice outsider POV. I love those, especially when it's from a law enforcement perspective.

Damn, I totally fluked, I tried to go for Neal's perspective... ;D

No you didn't mess up. I did. I've not seen much of that show, so I just assumed...

Peter is the FBI Agent, Neal is the forger and thief who has to help them

I loved this--and the fact that Neil and Peter were caught off guard for completely different reasons. The few SPN/WC crossovers I've read, I've adored, and I have no clue why the blend together so well, but they do! :D


And I think it's just that Law enforcement thing. SPN blends well with a lot of them

Hello, I need more of this, please and thank you!

Lol. I'm such a sucker for procedural/SPN crossovers. This is awesome.

Sorry, that was it.
But thanks :D

User lesson_in_love referenced to your post from Edition 2,285 saying: [...] by (Dean/Castiel, Dean/Jo; PG-13) Old Acquaintances [...]

More? More, more, more? :)

Shoot, I oughta read other people's comments before I make my own. So...
no more, right? :(

Liked it a lot, in any case.
Have you ever seen "It Takes a Thief"? Sort of the first version of White Collar? Perhaps John knew him...

Edited at 2012-07-27 04:53 pm (UTC)

No, I don't know it.
But while I wont continue that story I have plans for something in a similar vein.

Volume 007, Issue 171

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Volume 007, Issue 171

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