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My fanfic history and Origins
I just read from somebody on my flist her fan fic origins and fandoms and found it very interesting.
So, this is both meant for people interested in things like that and at the same time it probably explains some things in my writing.
First, I'm a native German speaker and the English I learned was British English. Which could explain some word choices.

Now to my fanfic/fandom history.

The first time I wrote something that would be considered fanfiction I was 9 years old (3. class) and had to write something about a book we read. I hated that book.
Instead I wrote for that test a short story of the Peanuts, with the main characters Charlie Brown and Lucy.
My teacher and my mother got together and I was graciously allowed to write the test again.
Lets say it that way: being allowed to re-test didn't change my opinion about the book.
The second try ended with me writing down that I wouldn't do that.
My teacher rated the Peanuts story, gave me a 5 for being Off Topic and stuck it whithout the rating at the wall for my class mates to read because it was a good story.

With 13 I started to write fan fiction for Star Wars, Gen, mostly Han Solo Whump, a bit H/C. (Thinking back, that Charlie Brown story was mild whump as well. Should I be concerned?)
Pages and pages handwritten in various notebooks, single sheets stuck in between my school things.
I had the luck that we were 3 who were crazy fans and we wrote for each other. And that nobody told us how bad we really were, we wouldn't have continued otherwise.
I went on to Star Trek (TOS and VOY), the Sentinel, Stargate SG-1 and Quantum Leap, from time to time a bit original fiction
I read absurd amounts of Buffy, Harry Potter, Scrubs, MASH, That 70's Show and House.

The first thing I actually put online was in 2009, a Harry Potter fic (one of my WIPs, I still intend to finish it!) and this was my first one in English. I'm actually still proud of the idea for the plot. There were of course a few other things after that
Then I came to the Supernatural Fandom. I still follow a few other things but I'm very focussed on SPN at the moment. Which is one of the reasons I don't finish my WIPs, I want to finish them the way I would have written them when I was really involved in the story and not just to have them finished.

I still have 2 or 3 notebooks with scribblings because it is easier for me to write on paper than to type and I have something to do in the train or tube. I always write on more than one story or fandom at the same time but don't want to put them online until they are finished (I have enough WIPs). But mostly I'm just producing starts that I never follow through :(
Sad but true.

I find it easier to write short one-shots and while I normally write gen I did write 2 stories that were implicated slash (The  Simpsons and Star Trek 2009) and one M-rated Het (Scrubs)

So, that was me.

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(Deleted comment)
I've written for it. I actually have one Buffy fic, one Buffy x-over completed and one Buffy x-over as WIP on And: The story I wrote for SPN Gen Mini Bang is a SPN/Buffy X-over

But most of my Buffy fics are only offline and in the wrong language, yes

Interesting. That does explain the (very few) quirks in your writing. Danke sehr for sharing! :)

There are more than enough quirks. They are just not all that obvious.

Very cool :) My origins are nowhere near as interesting, I'm afraid. Although I also got in trouble in elementary school for writing outside my assignment. I had my own comic book in 3rd grade. It was about hamsters. Someone actually mentioned it on Facebook not too long ago and I was floored that they remembered that. Hope you still have your Charlie Brown story, because I'd give anything to have a copy of one of my comics -- if only for the lolz.

Don't feel bad about the WIPS. I've got them too. I have a jump drive filled with partial stories and plot bunnies, etc. Sometimes it is depressing and I feel like a quitter, but I'm guessing it's pretty common.

I don't know if I still have the Peanuts story. I have a vague idea what it was about, but I think I lost my old school things the first time I moved.

I had a full drive, too. But in april my netbook showed me the blue screen of death and I lost a lot - which is both a positive and a negative thing.
Do I need to salt and burn it so that the lost plot bunnies don't haunt me?

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