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Arrow - No Spoilers
So, I just streamed Arrow.
Think I will watch the next week as well.
And here comes my question to it, the most unrealistic thing of to ever happen in a series (and I say that as a genre fan!): How does anybody manage to get rid of solid green make-up from all around your eyes in just a few seconds?

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obviously a man who has never worn eye make-up wrote that. I faithfully use eye makeup remover every night and wash my face and STILL end up with mascara on my pillowcase half the time :P

It's even worse than that, it wasn't eye make-up but make-up all around the eyes.
Things like that irk me. Like Dean having styled hair in purgatory...

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YES! and why was he clean shaven?! Jensen's sexy with a beard, they could have let Dean rock that look.

I don't have a problem with him shaving, we know he had a knife.
But if Benny wasn't a barber during his life, how is Dean's hair short? He went to monster-town with his body

And I think they went for the shaven look because it was more convenient for filming

bah, convenience :P I wanted to see Dean with long hair and some serious scruff, dammit!

Honestly, I'm a bit dissapointed in S8 thus far. I may dvr it and then watch it all at once, hopefully that will make things more exciting. Total immersion and all that.

Hah, I watched Arrow earlier today and caught myself thinking exactly that. I know I'm supposed to suspend my disbelief because it's tv after all, but it was a little too much, lol. Overall I really liked it, though -- I think I'll keep watching.

Good, so I'm not the only one who is irritated with such things...

Yeah, haha. It doesn't always bug me, otherwise I wouldn't be able to watch anything (hello Sam and Dean Winchester, hunters with perfect teeth and great skin), but that was so, so absurd.

I have no idea how many movies I saw where the heroine/random actress wakes up in a bed and her hair is perfect. Even if the character had sex the night before.
And the perfect teeth thing? That is one of my pet peeves in movies and tv. That's one of the reasons I love British movies

I've got it. He didn't remove the green make-up. He applied more on top. I imagine he got really good at that on that deserted island.

Edit: I just remembered what I thought the most unrealistic thing was. That he put his secret lair together in like two days.

Edited at 2012-10-13 01:18 am (UTC)

He should have an eye mask like Chris O'Donnell in "Batman and Robin", just in green. No make-up to deal with.

To the secret lair thing, haven't you seen the old A-Team series? Where they build a tank in 10 minutes? You are right, 2 days for one measly lair is too much in comparison

I've never seen the A-Team. But actually, putting together a tank in ten minutes is probably more realistic. But I do have to say I enjoyed the home makeover sequence. With the bashing through walls and whatnot.

Masks are overrated. Plus, the eye make up made him look pretty.

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