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The one way out
The one way out
A human was in purgatory!

The angel was in purgatory.

Nobody needed to ask who they meant with “the angel”, for the denizens there was only one. And he was with them in purgatory.

The other news was strange as well: a human.

A human was here!

Humans were not supposed to be in this place, not that angels were, but this was different. Because the angel was the angel. And the human was just prey.

Benny decided to find this human, the only way he knew to get out. He never suspected that he would ever be able to use the loophole, the one exit for a species that didn't even end here.

But there was a human and he would be damned if he missed his only chance.

There was talk that he was a hunter, not prey but a predator.

This was good, perhaps he would manage to survive long enough. Long enough to find him and use the exit.

Finding him was easier than expected. Benny watched the hunter for a while, assessing his strengths and weaknesses.

This human could fight, was used to battling against creatures faster and stronger than him. No sign of being unsure or hesitant. He could survive here.

Benny had to make his move before somebody else understood and used the potential the human meant. Or managed to kill him.

He saw an old friend locked in a battle with the other one.

He needed an in, something that made him look like something other than just an opponent he had to take down. An ally who had the same interests.

He leaped out and went after his old friend.

He knew together with the human he would get out.

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Interesting mindset for Benny. I am very much wanting to know how long Dean was in Purgatory before he hooked up with Benny. I wonder (and hope) show will eventually tell us. It is a curious thought to think that Benny observed Dean for awhile before he made his presence known. Given as to how heightened Dean's senses may have been I wonder if that would have been possible, but given the fact Dean was always fighting something, probably a good possibility. Benny may have started out using Dean in the beginning, but it definitely seems like they became friends. I really hope Benny doesn't betray that friendship.

Since we have no idea where they will go with Benny I left that to others. But at the start they worked together because they wanted the same thing: out.
I'm curious about Benny because Dean never had a comparable friend to him (monster).

At the start Dean and Benny were working together to get "out" but it does appear that other things happened to redefine their initial purpose for being together.

And very true, Dean has never had a contemporary, a friend that is equal to him in every way. Not Bobby, especially not Sam, not anyone. So it is very interesting and curious that when Dean finally does have a contemporary, a friend that is equal to him, it ends up being a monster. This is going to be good as we explore more into their friendship and then add Cas and Sam into the mix.

Oh, yes, I see this Benny!!!

That seems like a really accurate description of how it probably went down. Obviously he was looking for Dean when he came upon that little scuffle, so it makes sense that he was lurking.

Survival instinct would dictate to check the guy out who is your only out before you go to him for help.
Hunter and Vampires aren't exactly natural allies

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(Deleted comment)
I think you have hit on something. I like the way you have explained Benny's thoughts and I also have to wonder if Dean will be the next old friend.

yes, it will be interesting to see how their relationship developed and if both of them manage to go back to the normal rules oposed to purgatory rules

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