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An Amazon Winchester - Part 1


The Amazons stared in total horror at the baby.

"What is it?" Lydia tried to see the problem. She had heard the newborn cry, so she was alive.

The women gave her the child, not already covered in a blanket.

Lydia stared at the child.

How was this possible? This wasn't supposed to happen.

The child was a boy.

She looked up to Madeline, confused.

The leader of their group didn't react outwardly, but her clip board was shaking a bit.

"This is... unexpected. I will research in our history if this has happened before and how to proceed.

In the mean time we will continue with the birthings"

Lydia could hear everything going on around her, the other women having abandoned the boy to her. What was she supposed to do now, look after the child till they had an answer?


Lydia stared at the tiny child.

She didn't know what she should do, she wasn't prepared for this.

It was supposed to be a girl.

She wasn't the first Amazon to bear a boy. There were cases, perhaps one case in two or three generations, human generations. They didn't know the reason for this.

The leader of her group, Madeline had looked up what happened in such rare cases.

"This abomination is human. It is the duty of the mother to decide what happens to it."

That made it her problem.

A part of her just wanted to kill it and be done with it. That was the expected behavior and a part of her really enjoyed the clean ending.

Another part of her mocked that she had done everything right; she had done what was expected of her.

She found a good genetic donor, insured a pregnancy and went through the birth like every other Amazon before her.

If Harmonia gave such exemptions, then she would allow him to live.

He may be just male and not an Amazon but he was still a creature of Harmonia.

Then came the next problem.

She wouldn't kill him, but she had no desire for a child, not that anybody would allow it.

An orphanage perhaps, she could hardly call Dean and tell him to take his new child with him.

She would just take him home for the night and decide on a course of action in the morning.


Dean didn't know what he had expected when he had come back to Lydia's to ask for the flask.

It hadn't been Lydia looking totally out of her depth. Behind her Dean could see that she was packing, ready to move out of the house.


She was surprised to see him.

"Yeah, hi. I'm here for the flask. Did you find it?"

She looked back at her things and then to the item in question which was at the other side of the room next to the crib with the baby.

Yes, she had found it. "Yes, come in."

Dean followed her and stopped for a second seeing the child.

"You’re babysitting? She is cute." Dean grabbed the flask now that he could see where it was.

Lydia didn't correct his assumption to the gender. The boy was clad in the pink onesie she had bought for a girl.

"No, it's mine."

Not that she wanted it.

Dean looked around in surprise. He knew he hadn't seen anything that indicated that she had a child. As a connoisseur of women he knew what he had to look out for and while children weren't something that disqualified a woman for him they were a factor he checked.

Depending on the age they could start to scream for their mother or come into the room at an embarrassing moment. Or there were women who searched for potential daddies. It was always better to be careful.

Lydia decided to tell him.

What more could he do than tell her she was insane. And if she needed she could always kill him. She would leave this place one way or the other. The birth of the boy was considered a bad omen for her tribe, they would move on as fast as they could.

"And it's yours."


Dean stared at her, stared in her eyes.

As a professional liar he could tell that she wasn't lying. This was the truth.

Okay, he didn't know any supernatural reason for getting a child that fast but he knew that this was his.

This explained Lydia's sudden desire to move away.

And her lack of reaction made clear that she wasn't that shocked. Not like a civilian.

The most likely answer was that Lydia wasn't as human as she seemed.

Damn. Wasn't that Sam's gig?

Of course it could be witchcraft but he hadn't seen anything that showed that.

"What are you?"


Lydia stopped for a moment and inspected Dean's face.

The question was surprising. And Dean obviously believed her.

She thought back to their night and remembered the tattoo on his chest.

She hadn't really thought about it before but it looked like the variation of a symbol she had seen before.

"You are a hunter,"

She took a step back but that was it.

Well, it explained a lot.

This was the opportunity not only to get rid of the boy; she could screw Dean over for putting her in this situation.

Let him decide what to do with the boy. Perhaps the hunter would kill him for descending from non-human stock, perhaps not.

"I'm an Amazon. The child is human. He wasn't supposed to be human. Or male."

She managed to inflect her tone of voice on "male" the same way one would say "cockroach".


Dean didn't have any direct knowledge of Amazons other than popular myths and old episodes of Xena but he had the feeling that the baby, his baby, wouldn't be welcome among her kind.

And he was human?

His mouth reacted before his brain could stop him. "I'll take him."

Funny. He never thought he would fall for the potential Daddy twist.


Sam didn't even look up when he heard his brother coming back.

"Did you get the flask?"

They would need ages to sort through Bobby's boxes, how the man had found anything was one of the big questions in the universe.

"Yeah, I got it."

Dean sounded strange and Sam looked up. He hadn't expected to see his brother cradling a baby in his arms.

"Sam, this is my son."

The younger hunter couldn't believe what he was hearing. His brother had just gone out to get his memento.

Of course there was the possibility that Dean impregnated some girl somewhere, despite his religious belief of safer sex, but how would she have found him?

Sam tried to order his thoughts but his only reaction was a "Hngh".

"These monsters we were searching for? They were Amazon’s. Apparently they need humans for... procreation. And then the genetic donor in question is killed.

Three guesses who I shacked up with?"


Something like that could only happen to his brother.

Sam tried to remember what he knew of Amazons and was left with two words: women and warriors.

Wait, did Dean say "son"?

He eyed the baby in its pink onesie.

"I think it's great that you don't try to press him into gender-specific norms."

Dean needed a second to understand what his brother was talking about.


"So can we expect a horde of angry Amazons coming after you?"

A sigh. "They are long gone. Male babies are a bad omen. And before you ask, he is human."

It wouldn't have been the first thing Sam would have asked but it was good to know.

"So, what do we do now?"

His brother looked to their meager belongings.

"We find the next WalMart."


Sam held the baby, unsure if he was doing it right. A part of him remembered holding a baby before, the Shapeshifter baby Bobby-John but this didn't feel familiar at all.

Dean was busy comparing the ingredients of baby milk powder and Sam felt he should do his part in finding the things they needed for him.

Just seeing the selection of bottle warmers was daunting, how could anybody make a choice?

He didn't know how long he stared stupidly at the selection before a hand reached out next to his head and grabbed one of the warmers.

Dean put it with the rest of their purchases and looked over his list to see if he had forgotten anything.

"How did you decide which one was the best? Why this one and not that one?"

Dean stared at Sam as if he was a bit slow.

"It has an adapter for vehicle input. Are you alright?"

Oh yeah, that would be useful.

Sam held the tiny baby clumsily in his large hands. Dean seemed to understand the problem and went through the things in his shopping cart.

Sammy wanted to laugh when his brother pulled a baby sling out and put it on, holding his arms out to take the baby.

"You’re joking. This flimsy thing won’t be able to hold him."

"This flimsy thing was built to hold him. Come on, give him to me. That way we both have both of our hands free.

Sam gave him the child and looked on as Dean put him in the sling.

The baby didn't look uncomfortable at all, and yes, it gave both of them the option of free hands and the direct control of the kid.

There was a new flash of surprise that Dean was such a natural in this situation but perhaps he shouldn't be surprised.

Dean had played the part of parent before he reached elementary school age.

Sam saw something else and showed it triumphantly to Dean.

A stroller that doubled as a baby car seat when you stripped it down. Perfect for them.

Sam looked over all their purchases and totaled it in his head.

They hadn't had the time to make the money or go through a credit card application with a name the leviathans didn't know, so Dean got the credit card they used for this with a five finger discount. Sure, Sam felt bad for it but at least the guy Dean had swiped it from wouldn't miss it with the way he advertised his wealth.

It wasn't as if they hadn't needed the money.


"You know, we can't keep calling him Kid."

"You want to call him after Dad? Or perhaps your middle name?"

Dean sighed and shock his head. "I think we can scratch everything biblical. No need to tempt anything out there.

He should have his own name. Something that belongs just to him."

San nodded thoughtfully. Perhaps it was a good idea to forget every name of biblical origin. And considering the way nearly everybody around them died they shouldn't settle him with a name that reminded them of blood and gore.

Sam tapped against the laptop.

"Then you should look something up."

Dean looked over to the tiny human sleeping on his bed, surrounded by pillows so he couldn't fall of the bed.


Dean hadn't even thought about it, he had known what he wanted to call him.

It reminded Sam that his brother enjoyed being surrounded by children and was a natural father. Perhaps it wasn't so surprising that Dean not only had wanted children of his own, he even had picked out names.

"Alec Winchester. Sounds good."

Dean went to the baby and picked him up, the baby kept sleeping.

He held his nose to the tiny head and inhaled, a besotted smile on his face.

"What are you doing?"

"Just, you know, smelled the baby. I don't know why but they smell great."


Baby smell.

He eyed his brother mockingly.


Sam held his nose against Alec's tiny head and breathed in..

The delicious aroma of new baby wafted through his nose and every anxiety about Lucifer and his hallucinations went away.

Dean had been right.

Sam sorted the newborn into the sling and smiled. Even with Alec just around him in the sling he got the very light smell of small baby. It calmed him down like nothing else, even his hallucinations of Lucifer didn't have a chance against it.

The small weight and warmth against him helped as well, gave him an anchor in reality.

Who would have thought?

Part 2

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loved this line: "I think it's great that you don't try to press him into gender-specific norms." Good one, Sam ;)

Yeah, sometimes Sam has his moments ;)

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