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An Amazon Winchester - Part 2

Part 1

Dean pushed the bundled up baby in the stroller next to the table and sat down.

Sure, Alec was too young to be here in Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, he couldn't really play yet.

Still, being here with a baby was still better than if he had come alone. That was even stranger. And looked pervy.

Perhaps he would manage to bring the little one up without traumatizing him into being afraid of clowns. Not like his total fail with Sam. On the other hand, perhaps he shouldn't have allowed Sam to see the movie It when he was 8 years old.

The only one adult Sam was more afraid of than Ronald MacDonald was Tim Curry because of that movie.

Alec looked around and showed an interest beyond his age.

Sam had found out that due to his Amazon heritage Alec would age faster than a normal child but nowhere near the rate his female relatives had.

According to myth an Amazon aged in days. There wasn't much information about boys born to Amazons, they were rare and it was even less likely that they were allowed to live. But there had been a few cases where the boys were allowed to live to see what would happen and they had aged at double the rate of a regular human to adulthood.

Dean was both relieved and sorry about that fact. He had raised Sam and a part of him acknowledged that he had enjoyed it in some way while still being a child himself.

He now got the chance again even if he wouldn't get the whole experience in length and because both his father John and Bobby wouldn't be there to see it. At the same time the accelerated growth would be a lot safer for everybody involved. Dean didn't want his child to have the same childhood as him and Sam.

It did help that contrary to John with two children they were two adults with one child. They wouldn't need as much help when just one of them could look after Alec.

He saw the child of somebody working there with his mother. The boy didn't look happy to be here either and the mother was clearly tired.

He pushed the stroller over to the kid. A little talk with him couldn't hurt.


Sam sat at the library and watched the librarian from a distance.

He hated this case.

Why had the demon come back and why was it behaving so strangely?

Alec sat in his stroller, cooing softly and blinking big eyes with long eyelashes at his uncle.

When he had come in with him the people around him hadn't looked to fond of the idea but Alec was not only very quiet, he was the happiest baby Sam had ever seen before.

If he came after Dean and his brother had been like that before the fire... the world was even more unfair than Sam thought.

For a moment a hallucination of Lucifer crept near but the solid presence and happy smiles of his nephew brought him back.

He concentrated on the hunt and his specific job. His alibi books before him were about children's development. It was always a good thing to be prepared for everything.

He knew he wasn't really well at the moment and that Dean worried about him.

He indulged himself and smelled his nephews head. He gave the happily cooing child a wide smile. Perhaps he wasn't 100 percent but at the moment he didn't care.


Dean had come to find the healer because Sam was still not alright. Yes, it had been bad, but his brother had always bounced back, before. But now he couldn't help him.

He stared at his old friend.

What had happened to the angel, he didn't recognize this blank person before him.

Emmanuel. That name didn't fit him at all.

On the other hand he now understood how complicated it was to find a name for somebody - a real name and not something you changed after the credit card wasn't good anymore.

And married? Really? What strange nutcase married somebody without knowing them?

Clearly that Daphne chick had to have some serious problems.

Dean was just happy that he left Sam and Alec behind to look up this strange healer. But then, it was a good choice. Sam was able to sleep when he had Alec, he was more relaxed and had more control of his hallucinations. He wasn't really sane on the accepted Winchester level but he was slowly getting better. He didn't want to endanger them more than necessary.

Seeing him like this, without his memories, made him feel a twinge of pity for his old friend.

He wasn't completely over the fact that Cas broke Sam's wall, but with Sam slowly learning to control it Dean's anger was more a light simmering in the background. As long as it wasn't fueled further Dean would ignore it.

The question was what he should do about Castiel.

The angel had to know who he was and what he had done, in his current situation he endangered himself and everybody around him without even knowing. And despite what he had done, Dean didn't want to hurt him.

And the truth about his past would hurt

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

At least him rescuing Daphne from the demons made "Emmanuel" trust him enough to come back with him to Sam and Alec.

Sam was functioning but he was still not completely well and they could really use help with the leviathan problem.

He learned quickly that this was not their only problem.


Dean met Meg in a convenience store, just him, Meg and other demons on Crowley's side. She was interested in Cas.

Too interested.

"Rumors are really starting to fly about this Emmanuel fellow. My curiosity sure got revved up."

That was really nothing Dean wanted to talk about.

"Just tell me what you want, Meg."

"Imagine my surprise when I track him down, and he's snuggled up with you. And he's the spitting image of poor, dead Castiel. So, Dean, what's poor, dead Castiel doing in that junker out there?"

"Christmas carolling."

"Fun. But how's he alive? Last I heard, he played God, went poof."

"I don't know. And neither does he, so you got to keep it shut."

He really didn't know. Not that it mattered one way or another.

"Oh, I do?"

"He doesn't know he's Cas."

"I know. Been watching you for hours. So here's the deal. You might remember Crowley and me were frosty back in the day? Well, times haven't changed."



"That hurts my feelings. I've been good to you, Dean."

Her memories were obviously a bit shaky there.

"No, you've been good to you, sweetheart."

"Look. Right now rumors of this wandering healer are strictly low-level. But body count's getting high enough to change that. Folks start poking, they sniff angel dust."

"Yeah, they start falling all over each other trying to tell Crowley."

"Now picture Crowley with his hands on harmless little amnesia-Cas. Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna burn that smarmy dick. My time's coming. But right about now, my army-of-one situation is not cutting it. It's cold out here, there's a price on my ass, and I need friends."

Yes, he wasn't with Cas but he didn't deserve Crowley coming after him.

"Yeah. I get that. But I ain't it."

"That's where you're wrong, Dean. 'Cause I'm here to help you, and that makes us friends."

"Help, huh? You mean see if you can't turn harmless little Cas out there into an angel-sized weapon?"

"Like you're taking him carolling. And by the way, you really want to keep going with no backup? Hey, I don't trust you, either. But I could really use Emmanuel. And he trusts you. So for now, it's in everyone's best interests to hold hands and cross the street together, okay?"

He wanted the demon nowhere near his helpless son, his still wall-damaged brother or his amnesiac angel but he didn't really have a choice here.

"We go straight to Sam. No detours."

Meeting more demons on their way to the motel triggered Cas' memories, the only good thing out of the whole scenario.

The last few steps before they got to Sam Dean thought he should say something about Alec.

But then, what could he really say?


The angel took in the scene: Sam Winchester and a human baby. Surprising.

He focused on the most important part first: checking the mental state of Sam.

The wall was broken and he wouldn't be able to build a new one... but the human was slowly but steadily healing. Or at least adapting.

Cas knew that Sam adjusted because he felt he needed to, because both his brother and the child needed him with them.

He wouldn't have thought it possible but having shared responsibility for another helpless life had been the best thing that could have happened to Sam in this situation.

"I can't rebuild his wall, but he is healing, adapting. He needs more time but he is getting better in his own."

Dean sighed in relief and Sam looked grateful for the news.

He now knew he just needed to wait it out.

Cas inspected the tiny human being, big blue eyes meeting big blue eyes.

Alec showed interest in the heavenly being, cooing happily.

"Yes, these are my wings."

"He can see your wings?"

That surprised both Winchester brothers.

The angel didn't even look up. "All human babies can see the wings of vesseled angels without harm. They just lose the ability when they get older."

The boy smiled and little hands grabbed in Castiel's direction.

"I'm surprised by his origin. Of course you already secured the continuation of the Winchester vessel line, you didn't make it necessary to intervene there but we never suspected you would procreate with an Amazon."

"He already secured the continuation of the Winchester vessel line? You knew Dean had a child somewhere and never said something?"

Dean just looked baffled at Cas.

"Securing the vessels lines are an important angelic duty. Dean was most cooperating. Through his lifestyle choice he continued the line without angelic prompting." Somehow this didn't sound like just one child somewhere.

Sam knew that his brother had slept around a lot, but he was always big on safety, at least in that regard. Perhaps it was more a matter of mathematics.

Given the number of his one night stands and the fact that not even condoms were 100%... Who knew how many children Dean really had.

Come to think of it, the angels would probably know. Sam decided not to ask.

Dean was surprisingly quiet through this all. Not in the sense that he had known that before but that he was thinking about it.

"And Sam isn't encouraged because you want the Lucifer line to stop?"

Castiel sighed. He looked over to Sam.

"The Lucifer vessel line runs through Michael's vessel line.

More than that, it wouldn't matter.

Sam, because of the demon blood you are not capable of fathering children."

Both Sam and Dean looked ill at that. Both of them didn't really expect the joy of fatherhood giving their life but to be told that this was not even an option was something completely different.

Sam knew he would need time to get over that, to reconcile himself with it. At least he had Dean and Alec who gave him an opportunity to get as near as the experience as he would ever get.

Sam tucked the information away to cry about the unfairness of it all later.

He concentrated on another question Cas could have an answer to.

"Why is Alec a boy? They seem to be really rare."

Cas nodded. "This only happens when amazons procreate with somebody of a vessel-line. Amazons can't be vessels, so they are not Amazons."

Okay, that was good to know. It was also so much better then every other answer Sam came up with in his mind.

He had kept his wild theories away from Dean. His brother was already busy with following the plans of Dick Roman, looking after his mentally unhinged little brother and his surprising fatherhood. No need to burden him with even more.


Meg stared at the tiny human Cas was playing with.

"Somebody was busy, I see. So which one of you decided being on the run with a baby was more fun?"

She looked to Sam and Dean. Both had the same protective stance that told her how much pain she would be in if she even looked funny at the kid. And contrary to most others, Dean really could hurt her. Everybody who went through the school of Alistair was that good.

While there had been a few demons that were interested in babies, Lillith’s taste for them was well known, for most demons they were just uninteresting.

Given their limitations they weren't good meatsuits and they didn't understand enough to be corrupted. Some used them as ritual sacrifice or as a prop for damning humans but Meg herself had never had the need for either.

It wasn't interesting to slit the throat of something who didn't understand it just to make a call home.

A quick scan of Alec’s face gave her an idea to the likely father.

"Oh, Deano, you have a shitty timing."

Sadly enough she was right about that.

They were still on the run from both the demons and the leviathans and needed all the help they could get. A child was the last thing they needed.

But both of them couldn't regret it.


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Really like this! Dean as a daddy and Sam being helped by baby Alec are pure gold. Would love to read more :)

I -don't really expect to continue this story, I have a few other stories open I have to write a sequel for but it is a vague possiility.

That was a sweet story; I love Daddy!Dean.
I like the idea that being near the child helps Sam's mental state.
Choosing to call the baby Alec wouldn't have anything to do with Dark Angel would it?
I'd be interested to see how Dean and Sam would cope with Alec's quicker than normal development and whether or not he had any other 'quirks'.

Maybe there was a little Dark Angel influence, it just fit so well... and the name Ben was already taken. And it would have been strange to name somebody after DA Ben.
And yeah, the baby helping Sam. I couldn't really leave a harmless child with a nutcase with Dean going to purgatory

Nice story :) I like how the baby changed things enough to make Sam heal himself and gentle Dean's anger down. Baby heads do smell nice, but so do puppy heads. They don't quite have a dog smell yet, and they're so warm and snuggly (lol).

People get strange around babies, why not use that. And while I'm sure puppies have the same effect it would be strange to walk around with a puppy in a baby sling

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