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Fiction Masterlist

Fiction Masterlist

Last Update: 04.11.

General Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and Co, this is just for entertainment.
Some of my fics don't have a Rating. Please be aware that fics with R or M Rating would always be marked, so everything else is PG-13 or less.

Note: Unless otherwise marked the stories are unbeta'd. English is not my first language.



Title: Time Out
Summary: The Winchesters got a little break.
Characters: John, Sam, Dean, Word Count: 427, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: General

Title: The downside of normality - Version Dean
Summary: Companion piece to The downside of normality
Characters: Dean, John, Word Count: 321, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: General

Title: The downside of normality
Summary: Sam always wanted normal. But there are parts of normal he could have done without. Companion piece to The downside of normality - Version Dean
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Word Count: 529, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: General

Title: Lost Battles
Summary: Jim Murphy knew which battles he could win and which he didn't even have to fight
Characters: Jim Murphy, Dean, Word Count: 228, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: General

Title: Necessities
Summary: Dean knew which skills he needed, and he knew how to get them.
Characters: Dean, Word Count: 188, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: General

Title: Just 2 weeks
Beta: lolaann1
Artist: shakensilence
Prompt by ficwriter1966: Dean takes a job in a small local supermarket to make a few bucks - and discovers that he's working alongside the Most Insane Co-Worker EVER. (Could be teen!Dean or Stanford era.)
In two weeks the High School year would be over and he could pack Sam in the Impala and follow their dad. Just two weeks more with the boss from hell. He was a Winchester, he could do this.
Characters: Dean, OC, Word Count: ~1040, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: Humor

Title: January 24th 1997
Summary: Happy Birthday fanfic for Dean
Characters: Dean, John, Word Count: 148, Timeline: Pre-Series

Title: Dean's First
Summary: Everybody has their firsts. Dean's just went a bit different than others.
Characters: Dean, Word Count: 600, Timeline: Pre-Series

Title: Proms
Summary: The day of their proms.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 169, Timeline: Pre-Series


Title: Shopping with Sam
Summary: I read 2 different stories about Sam's... interesting taste in clothing. So, this is my try at the topic
Characters: Sam/Jess, Word Count: 451, Timeline: Pre-Series, Genre: humour, Warnings: Sam's shirt

Title: Art Classes
Summary: Prompt: Dean poses for drawing classes at colleges for the money. His wallet is tight during one visit to check on Sam at Stanford. Surely it would be safe to pose there right? All Sam's classes were law classes anyway. There's no way he'd be taking an art class. Right? Right?!
Characters: Dean, Sam, Word Count: 560, Timeline: Pre-Series, Stanford Era, Genre: humor

Title: The morning after the night before
Summary: Dean had some fun.
Characters: Dean/OFC, Gabriel, Word Count: 548, Timeline: Pre-Series, Stanford Era, Warnings: Not Gen!

Title: Paperwork Discoveries
Prompt: Sam didn't really have a full ride to Stanford. At some point while he is at college, he discovers that Dean has secretly been paying his tuition by modelling/acting e.g. on Dark Angel or Dawson's Creek
Artist: angeltrap, Beta: lolaann1
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 1147, Timeline: Pre-Series, Stanford Era

Title: Self-imposed Punishments
Summary: Sometimes he needed that, being punished for all his failures
Characters: Dean, John, Word Count: 358, Timeline: Pre-Series, Stanford Era, Warnings: Spanking

Title: Sleeping
Thoughts during the night
Characters: John, Kate, Word Count: 507, Timeline: Pre-Series, Warnings: cuddling

Title: Personal Riddle
Jess on Sam.
Characters: Sam/Jess, Word Count: 291, Timeline: Pre-Series

Season 1ish

Season 2ish

[S2]Title: An easy case
Summary: That was exactly what they needed.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 726, Timeline: S2

Season 3ish

Season 4ish

Title: Alastair's Apprentice
Summary: Just a little tidbit of hell during Dean's last 10 years.
Characters: Alastair, Dean, Word Count: 302, Timeline: S3/S4, Warnings: Hell, Torture

Title: The Most Unlucky Denizen of Hell
Summary: I always wondered about the soul Dean had been torturing when Castiel got to him. This little story is from this soul's perspective.
Characters: Dean, Alistair, OMC, Word Count: 589, Timeline: S3/S4, Genre: Outsider POV, Warnings: Mentions of Torture, Descriptions of hell

Title: Bobby’s guilty pleasure
Summary: They all had their guilty pleasures. For Dean it was Dr Sexy, MD, for Sam it was half caf double vanilla latte. This story is about Bobby's.
Characters: Bobby, Dean, Sam, Word Count: 568, Timeline: After S4, Genre: Humour

Title: Clubbing experiences after hell
Beta: jonjokeat
Summary: Dean and Sam in a BDSM Club
Characters: Dean, Sam, OCs, Pairing: master/slave, Rating: PG-13, Word Count: 857, Timeline: After S4, Genre: Gen, Warnings: BDSM, Whipping, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Master/Slave

Season 5ish

Title: Trickster, Traitor, Servant, Saviour
Summary: Answer to Prompt: Supernatural, Gabriel, Trickster, Traitor, Servant, Saviour. His last moments before his death
Characters: Gabriel, Word Count: 352, Timeline: 5.19, Warnings: Internal ramblings

Title: 5 Reasons Zachariah hates being on earth and 1 Reason why he likes it here
Characters: Zachariah, Word Count: 514, Timeline: Season 5, Warnings: Internal ramblings

Season 6ish

Title: Changed Perception
Summary: Dean's day as Death didn't just change his view on death and the natural order of things.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Reapers, Word Count: 197, Timeline: After 6.11, Appointment in Samarra, Genre: General

Title: As much time as needed
Summary: Matt was willing to give Ben as much time as needed
Characters: Lisa, Ben, Doctor Matt, Dean, Pairing: Lisa/Matt, implied Lisa/Dean, Word Count: 152, Timeline: S6, Genre: General

Title: Digital World
Summary: Sometimes Bobby didn't think things through
Characters: Bobby, Word Count: 508, Timeline: S6, Genre: General

Title: Meeting In Between
Summary: A meeting between the king of hell and an angel
Characters: Crowley, Balthazar, Word Count: 200, Timeline: S6, Genre: General, Warnings: Crowley & Balthazar

Title: Not as expected
Characters: Cas, Pairing: Cas/Meg, Word Count: 172, Timeline: after 6.10, Genre: Thoughts

Title: The Power of Knowledge
Summary: Crowley believes in being prepared for everything
Characters: Crowley, Word Count: 163, Timeline: S6, Genre: General

Season 7ish

Title: A new Beginning
Beta: lolaann1
Recipient: claudiapriscus
Summary: Prompt AU of the time-travel induced canon mashup sort. Season 7 Dean lands back in time in his own 16 year old body
Characters: Dean, Gabriel, John, Sam, Bobby, Word Count: 2145, Timeline: Pre-Series/S7, Genre: Back-in-time

Title: An Amazon Winchester
Beta: gusx217
Summary: AU of 7.13 Slice Girls. Instead of a girl Lydia gave birth to a boy, something that is rare for an Amazon. A few snippets of life of a new family
Characters: Dean, Lydia, baby, Sam, Castiel, Meg, Wordcount: 4352, Timeline: 7.13, Note: Written for spn_reversebang

Title: Picking up the pieces
Summary: After Godstiel, heaven was a disaster area.
Characters: Gabriel, Word Count: 179, Timeline: S7, Genre: General

Season 8ish

Title: The one way out
Summary: A human was in purgatory!
Characters: Dean, Benny, Word Count: 284, Timeline: S8, Genre: First meeting

Title: A Game of chess
Summary: Prompt: "Hey, Sam. How about a game of chess?" What surprised Sam was not that Dean wanted to play was that Dean kicked his ass.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Word Count: 598, Timeline: S8, Genre: humor, batcave fic

Title: Work Meeting
Summary: Kinda RPF/SPN crossover. The new Pope, Francis I.
Characters: Naomi, Pope Francis I, Word Count: 295, Timeline: S8, Genre: First meeting

Title: Instruction Manual
Characters: Isaac Bass, Aaron Bass, Golem, Word Count: 240, Timeline: S8, Pre-Series, Genre: humor

Title: In Purgatory
Characters: Dean, Graphic Poetry, S8

Season 9ish

[s9]Title: Horror Movie Night
Prompt: Kevin is holed up in the batcave on Halloween and has to babysit Crowley. Still seeking some kind of revenge against the demon that tortured him, Kevin decides to turn the tables and have a little fun. With Crowley chained and unable to run, Kevin plays movie after movie of things that he knows would scare the pants off of Crowley: Titanic, The Notebook, all of Jennifer Lopez's rom/coms ...
Characters: Kevin, Crowley, Word Count: 311, Timeline: S9, Genre: humor, batcave fic

Title: At the Water Cooler
Summary: Meanwhile, down in hell
Word Count: 138, Timeline: S9, Genre: humor, general, hell

Title: The Aftermath
Summary: After Season 9. Sam seeing that Dean is missing
Word Count: 206, Timeline: S9, Genre: general

Season 10

[S10]Title: Consequences
Summary: A meeting between Dean and Death
Word Count: 516, Timeline: S10, Genre: general


Title: Dean’s Death
Summary: Dean didn't have a normal life and he didn't die like normal people. It shouldn't surprise him that that doesn't stop just because his time as a hunter is finally over. Podfic
Characters: Dean, Death, Word Count: 535, Timeline: Future, Genre: General, Warnings: Deathfic

Title: Prison and the Winchesters
Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester are finally arrested sometime post s7, get put on trial, with a lot of attention from the press and after they're declared guilty, they're sent to prison
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 360, Timeline: after S7,

Timeline Unclear

[Timeline Unclear]
Title: SPN Big Pretzel "Adopt-a-Bunny" Answer Prompt 33
Prompt by tattooeddevil: The situation calls for a drag queen. Who'll it be? Rock, paper, scissors anyone?
Characters: Dean, Sam, OC, Word Count: 600, Timeline: unclear, Genre: Humor

Title: Pretty
Characters: Dean, OCs, Pairing: Dean/OC, Word Count: 859, Timeline: unclear

Title: Lower Expectations
Summary: Answer to Prompt: Supernatural, Dean, "Wine coolers Sam? What the hell is wrong with you?"
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 192, Timeline: unclear, Genre: general

Title: A small Winchester Vacation
Summary: Sam and Dean at Comic Con.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 361, Timeline: unclear, Genre: gen, humor

Title: Hoover (How Sam ruins the day)
Summary: Dean enjoyed the day. Only Sam he could have done without.Written for kamikazeremix, "Hoover" by theladyscribe
Beta: lolaann1
Characters: Dean, Sam, Pairing: Dean/Food, Word Count: 1014, Timeline: unclear, Genre: Humour, Warnings: Dean eating

Title: Private Matters
Summary: There were a few things in his life Sam never wanted to witness.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Word Count: 192, Timeline: unclear, Genre: Humour

Title: Eating Healthy
Sam didn't even like all that disgustingly unhealthy food Dean always ate. Really
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 98, Timeline: unclear, Genre: Humour

Title: Under the Influence
Written for. For the Halloween Reverse Micro Bang
Summary: Dean. High.
Art by caffienekitty
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 1048, Timeline: unclear, Genre: humor

Title: Hidden abilities
Summary: Sam wasn't the only Winchester with an unusual power
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 292, Timeline: unclear, Genre: Humor

Title: Signs of aging
Summary: Sometimes the Winchesters were reminded that even they are only human
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 381, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: The Joys of Eternity
Summary: There were benefits to having all the time in the universe
Characters: Death, Word Count: 63, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: Following the Instructions
Summary: He knew he could do it, he was sure. The only thing he needed to do was do exactly what the instructions told him, step by step.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 284, Timeline: unclear, Genre: batcave
, schmoop

Title: Unacceptable Sin
Summary: Sam was dead.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 94, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: Of Sacrifices
Summary: Not all pagan gods lost their powers over time.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 292, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: The Value of Birthday gifts
Summary: Sam's birthday gift for Dean.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 149, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: e-dating: Hell 2.0
Summary: Even the King of Hell wants somebody sometimes. And he has to find them the same way as everybody else.
Characters: Crowley, Word Count: 1036, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: Finding the perfect candidate
Summary: Somebody decides to adopt Dean.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Word Count: 528, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: Some Time Off
Characters: Death, Word Count: 100-200, Timeline: unclear, Genre: General

Title: Hunter's Guide to a Cleaner Living
Summary: Hunting supernatural monsters, ghosts and beings is a dangerous, thankless work and you don't even get paid for it.We thank you that you decided anyway to continue the long and noble tradition of hunting to keep your fellow humans safe.Since you are busy and it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel all the time, cheat sheets are your help. Keep them with your hunting journal.
Word Count: 368, Genre: humor

Episode Tags/Missing Scenes

[Episode Tags/Missing Scenes]
Season 1

Title: Home
Summary: Missing Scene
Characters: Mary, Dean, Sam, Word Count: 162, Timeline: 1.09 Home, Genre: General

Title: Faith
Summary: Missing Scene
Characters: John, Word Count: 283, Timeline: 1.12 Faith, Genre: General, Angst

Season 3

Title: Fresh Blood
Summary: Tag to 3.07 Fresh Blood
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 96, Timeline: 3.07, Genre: Drama

Title: Jus In Bello
Summary: Missing Scene
Characters: Victor Henriksen, Word Count: 131, Timeline: 3.12

Season 4

Title: Lazarus Rising
Summary: Missing Scene
Characters: Bobby, Word Count: 171, Timeline: 4.01

Title: Hell in Numbers
Summary: Episode Tag to 4.10 Heaven and Hell. Sam's POV
Characters: Sam, Word Count: 348, Timeline: 4.10

Season 5

Title: Swap Meat
Summary: Missing Scene
Characters: Gary, Word Count: 78, Timeline: 5.12

Season 6

Title: While thine eyes are cast to Heaven, I shall lead thee into Hell
Summary: Answer to prompt: Author's choice, Author's choice, while thine eyes are cast to Heaven, I shall lead thee into Hell. Supernatural, Castiel & Crowley, while thine eyes are cast to Heaven, I shall lead thee into Hell
Characters: Castiel, Crowley, Word Count: 240, Timeline: 6.20 The man who would be King

Season 7

Title: TV, News and angels
Summary: Amelia Novak sees Castiel on TV
Characters: Castiel, Amelia Novak, Word Count: 430, Timeline: 7.01, Genre: Drama

Title: Little Victories
Summary: Episode Tag to 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
Characters: Dean, Sam, Pairing: Sam/Becky, Word Count: 686, Timeline: 7.08, Genre: Episode Tag, Warnings: Hell, Torture

Title: The Born-Again Identity
Summary: Episode Tag to 7.17
Characters: Meg, Word Count: 147, Timeline: 7.17, Genre: Episode Tag

Title: Meeting a missing friend
Summary: Episode Tag to 7.22
Castiel, Inias, Word Count: 563, Timeline: 7.21, Genre: Episode Tag

Title: There Will Be Blood
Summary: Episode Tag to 7.22
Characters: Dean, Sam, Word Count: 197, Timeline: 7.22, Genre: Thoughts

Season 8

Title: Southern Comfort
Summary: Episode Tag to 8.06. Garth POV

Characters: Garth, Dean, Sam, Word Count: 288, Timeline: 8.06, Genre: Episode Tag

Season 9

Title: An interesting development
Summary: 9.23. Another perspective.

Characters: Death, Word Count: 141, Timeline: 9.23, Genre: Episode Tag




Title: Expectations
Beta: lolaann1, Artist: becc_j, Written for SPN Gen Mini (Big) bang 2012
Summary: To avert the apocalypse the IWC needs a special glove. To use the glove they just need to summon a special sword to their dimension. The Michael-sword is nothing like they expected
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Faith, Dawn
Word Count: 5885, Timeline: S6-between "The Man who would be King" and "Let it bleed", Time-line Buffy-10 years after Season 7 finale

Title: Lebanon, KS, Population: 364
Summary: Gabriel, in the bunker with Sam and Dean, not that they know he is there. Add some strangers in the town, mix well.
Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Buffy, Giles, Word Count: 2769, Timeline: SPN-S8, Buffy-years after series ended (TV)
Recipient: auntmo9, Artist: twisted_slinky, Beta: mamapranayama

Title: Of Wishes and Words
Summary: Dean asks Anyanka for a wish
Characters: Dean, Anyanka, Word Count: 690, Timeline Buffy-Undecided, Anyanka is a vengeance demon, SPN-Stanford era
Warnings: references to past torture, mutilation and rape

Title: Deanna the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Deanna Winchester is the Slayer, and Sam and Dawn are her younger siblings. Just when she thought vampires and demons were tough to deal with, along came the angels, and they're bigger dicks than the Council ever was. Beats going to hell, though.
Characters: Deanna, Dawn, Castiel, Sam, Word Count: 3062, Fusion
Warnings: AU, Fusion, fem!Dean, Deanna/Spike

Title: A little Break Ficlet 1, Ficlet 2, Ficlet 3
Summary: Prompt: Supernatural/Angel, Dean/Faith, cigarettes & alcohol
Characters: Dean, Faith, Word Count: -, Ficlet Series

Title: Drinking Companion
Summary: Being back out of purgatory was hard.
Characters: Benny, Faith, Word Count: 313, Timeline: SPN-S8, Buffy- post Show

Doctor Who

Title: In Preparation
Prompt: Ood Sigma walks into a bar and meets... Balthazar!
Characters: Ood Sigma, Balthazar, Word Count: 525, Timeline: SPN-S6, Doctor Who-S4

Title: Chance Encounter
Summary: The Doctor and Martha Jones meet Sam and Dean Winchester. The Timelord had better meetings before.
Characters: Doctor, Martha Jones, Sam, Dean, Word Count: 1195, Timeline: SPN-S6, Doctor Who-S3
Recipient: starlingnight, Beta: mamapranayama

Title: A Rare Opportunity
Summary: There wasn't much anymore that managed to fascinate Death everytime he saw it.
Characters: Doctor, Death, Word Count: 137, Timeline: Unclear

One Offs

Title: Meeting the family
Characters: Dean, Wednesday Addams, Word Count: 313, Timeline: Pre-Series, Stanford Era
Genre: X-Over, SPN/The Addams Family

Title: Azazel's "special" child
Summary: Prompt: Supernatural / Big Bang Theory, Azazel, theoretically Sheldon Cooper was one of his special children, but he had enough sense to leave him where he was
Characters: Azazel, Sheldon Cooper, Word Count: 191, Timeline: unclear
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Big Bang Theory

Title: Break from Reality
Characters: Death, DEATH, DEATH OF RATS, Word Count: 528, Timeline: S8 or S9
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Discworld

Title: Jacksonville, Florida
Summary: Dean remembers a lot of his childhood but some parts are not that clear
Characters: Dean, Word Count: 173, Timeline: Unclear
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Fringe

Title: Finding Potential
Summary: Law enforcement aren't the only ones keeping an eye on the Winchesters.
Characters: Joe Dawson, Word Count: 293, Timeline: -
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Highlander

Title: Sweetest Deal
Summary: House knew what to do.
Characters: House, Crossroads Demon, Word Count: 282, Timeline: After the House Series finale.
Genre: X-Over, SPN/House MD

Title: A Matter of Time
Summary: Lightman never had a case like Novak.
Characters: Castiel, Cal Lightman, Word Count: 312, Timeline: Season 5ish
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Lie to Me

Title: Queer Eye for the Hunter Guy
Summary: Answer to commentfic-Prompt: in  Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/Supernatural, Fab Five + Any Male Hunter of Your Choice, "We've got our work cut out for us with this one..."
Characters: Bobby, Fab Five, Word Count: 171, Timeline: unclear
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Title: A meeting in the woods
Summary: An unexpected meeting Ellison and Sandburg would never forget again.
Characters: Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, Rufus Turner, Word Count: 368, Timeline: unclear
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Sentinel

Title: The waiting room
Summary: The characters are aware what they are and that they don't have any choices
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Dean Winchester, Word Count: 545, Timeline: SPN-Between S3&4, Stargate-6.06 Abyss
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Stargate SG-1

Title: To boldly go where no man has gone before
Summary: Written for SPN BigPretzel Episode Spotlight "Changing Channels"
Characters: Sam, Dean, McCoy, Word Count: 284, Timeline: S5, ep: 5.08 Changing Channels
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Star Trek TOS

Title: Work Trip
Summary: Dean's on a work trip on the Enterprise.
Characters: Dean, Lieutenant Commander Giotto, Word Count: 712, Timeline: SPN: Future, TOS: first 5-year mission
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Star Trek TOS

Title: Fathers and families
Summary: Steven Hyde walks into a bar and meets... Castiel!
Characters: Castiel, Steven Hyde, Word Count: 501, Timeline: S5
Genre: X-Over, SPN/That '70s Show

Title: Old Acquaintances
Summary: It's surprising, the people you know.
Characters: Neal, Peter, Dean, Word Count: 462, Genre: X-Over, SPN/White Collar

Title: Intersecting worlds
Summary: An old friend calls Dean for help
Characters: Sam, Dean, Word Count: 746, Timeline SPN Season 2, Genre: X-Over, SPN/X-Men

Three and more Fandoms

Title: Statistical Improbabilities
Summary: Some files only become interesting when you see them in the correct context.
Boaz Priestley was one of those
Characters: Dean, Jason Teague, Tom Hanniger, Jake Gray, Boaz Priestley, Word Count: 305, Timeline: S7, after everything else
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Smallville/My Bloody Valentine/Devour/TIH

Title: Temporary Displacement
Summary: Winchesters don't really die. She would find a way out and back as well, this was just a temporary situation.
Characters: Impala, Mystery Machine, K.I.T.T., Bumblebee, Word Count: 174, Timeline: future
Genre: X-Over, SPN/Scooby Doo/Knight Rider/Transformers

Title: Alternate Vessel of Castiel
Summary: A collection of drabbles of the various vessels Castiel didn't take.
Characters: Castiel, Word Count: WIP, Genre: X-Over, SPN/various

Tags: birthday, by somebody else: podfic, char: alastair, char: amelia novak, char: azazel, char: balthazar, char: ben, char: benny, char: bobby, char: castiel, char: crowley, char: dean, char: death, char: gabriel, char: garth, char: gary, char: inias, char: jess, char: jimmy, char: john, char: kate milligan, char: lisa, char: mary, char: matt, char: meg, char: naomi, char: oc, char: sam, char: victor henriksen, comment fic, drabble series: alternate vessels, entry: fandom level, ep: 1.09, ep: 1.12, ep: 3.07, ep: 3.12, ep: 4.01, ep: 4.10, ep: 5.08, ep: 5.12, ep: 5.19, ep: 6.10, ep: 6.20, ep: 7.01, ep: 7.08, ep: 7.17, ep: 7.21, ep: 7.22, ep: 8.06, episode tag/missing scene, fic exchange/bang, hell, humor, masterlist, outsider pov, prompt answer, purgatory, time: future, time: pre-series, time: s1, time: s3, time: s3/s4, time: s4, time: s5, time: s6, time: s7, time: s8, time: s9, time: unclear, torture, xover

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