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This is just a little update since I was quiet for a while. My long time of procrastination is over, I'm busy writing again. Which is good, I have a few fics open that I have/had trouble finishing :|

For those who haven't seen it yet, I actually wrote a non-con tentacles crack fic. I didn't have a choice, once the prompt was locked in my brain I had to write it down! Thank god for secondary journals. You will also find a new Sam/Jess Kink Meme Fill there

On Separate Channels
NC-17. Changing Channels. The trickster puts Sam and Dean in very different scenarios.
WARNINGS: non-con, bestiality, tentacles, hell!kittehs

Old Loves
Stanford era. Sam/Jessica. Prompt: I don't particularly care about the details, all I know is that I want Jess to a) find out about Sam's never-acted-upon feelings for his older brother, and b)surprise him by giving him an earful of "want your big brother to fuck you open"-style dirty talk while she fingers him.

And, of course my first RPF for those who enjoy spanking fics

Jared/Gen. Jared knew better. That just meant that sometimes he had to live with the consequences.


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