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Signs of aging
Signs of aging
Sometimes the Winchesters were reminded that even they are only human

Sam heard a yelp of horror out of the bathroom and went to see what had happened. His brother stared in the mirror, shock all over his face. "What happened, Dean? What's the problem"
At first the older Winchester didn't say anything, still transfixed on his own picture in the mirror. When he finally said something it didn't help Sam much at first. "I can't believe this is happening. I'm not that old! Sam,"
He looked back to Sam, the devastiation clear in his face. "I have a grey hair, Sammy. I'm too young for grey hairs!"
Now that Sam knew what he was looking for and after coming nearer he saw it: one single hair just above his temple. No, not really grey, it was more devoid of color than anything else. Had Dean not reacted like that and indicated clearly where the problem was, Sam would have never seen it on his own. He watched his brother for a moment and managed not to say anything nasty to something as unimportent as a single grey hair. It mattered to Dean. Considering Dean had never expected to live as long as he did, this was a big thing. No reason to make it harder on him.
"It's Okay Dean, you can't even see it." "Can't see it? Can't see it? I'm practically a senior now!"
This was not the way to get Dean down. He could try going the opposite direction. "You are not a senior. You look... distinguished. And don't you think that if someone had a right to go a bit grey, it would be you after everything that happened?"
Dean snorted. Sam tried to imagine his brother grey around the edges. He would probably wear it well.
Dean took a deep breath and tried to ignore it. He never expected to get to this point so he wasn't prepared for it, for everything it represented.
Sam needed an argument that spoke to his brother. "I thought women didn't care for hair color. What about George Clooney? He's grey." Dean perked up at that reminder.
His last look in the mirror went to his whole face, not the laser-focused area of before. Sam was right, it wouldn't matter:  He could live with this. He was still Dean Winchester!

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rofl...yes he is::DDDDDD

Haha, awesome! I can totally see Dean reacting to a gray hair that way. Frankly with everything he's been through--Hell AND Purgatory and everything in between--I'm amazed he hasn't gone grey just from stress!

He could have probably gone grey just from having to keep John and Sam away from each others throat

Poor Dean :(

That was really cute :)

So cute, and poor Dean but Sam is right: hell, Dean would look all kinds of sexy with grey hair around the edge.

Mmm... Sexy-mature-grey-haired-Dean...

Cute fic!
Dean's reaction was much like my husband's when he found his first grey chest hair -- you'd have thought it was the end of the world or something. ;)

Yeah, finding the first grey hair can be traumatizing if you didn't expect it... ;)

Cute!!!! Both of them should have a few grays by now. It's inevitably, especially with their lives. But Dean would be the type to need to hear that it makes him look distinguished.

Which is funny because it wouldn't even be as obvious as with Sammys long hair

;) "He was still Dean Winchester!" Damn Straight. cute.

Poor Dean...a traumatic moment for anyone, but for Mr. Perfect...

LOL! Yep, it is amazing that neither of them have grey hair given everything they have been through! And of course ti would be the reminder of someone like George Clooney that would snap Dean back to reality!

As if a bit silver would matter in any way... pfff

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