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Work Meeting
Work Meeting
Kinda RPF/SPN crossover. The new Pope, Francis I.

What a day. Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been Pope for just a few hours but he was tired. It was an overwhelming experience and nothing anybody could have prepared him for. There was so much he had to do and think about.
But all that could wait for tomorrow. He had been told that his day was over for now, the new day would be the real start for his pontificate.
“Your Holiness?” He looked up at that, not used to that address yet.
“There is a visitor for you. It is important.” That surprised him. Nobody had said anything of a visitor. Was it perhaps the pope emeritus, Benedict? He didn't think so. While he wanted to talk to his predecessor for tips in handling the coming workload the man himself was not yet in the Vatican.
Francis I stepped through the door to see a woman sitting on a sofa, a little smile on her face. In front of her was a cup of tea, there was also a cup for him. He wondered about the fact that she continued to sit. Even if he was still only a cardinal he would have expected more of a reaction. Who was she? “I'm sure you are wondering why you are here with me and who I am.”
She spoke his native Argentine Spanish and waited for him to sit. He followed her expectations and sat down. A check of his beverage made it clear that it was prepared to his preferred specifications, even down to the perfect temperature.
She smiled again, her blue eyes tracking his reactions carefully.
“There are a lot of things you will learn you were not aware of. You can see this as a work meeting. My name is Naomi.”

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love this, not sure if meeting Naomi would be a good or a bad thing for the new pope. But it would definitely be interesting.

Noooo! Give him a chance!

At least it wasn't Crowley.

Lol, Naomi. I was so imagining this to be a Fudge/Prime Minister sort of thing and I wanted to know who the hunting representative would be. But then, if this really was the Supernatural world, I reckon any of the cardinals would know before they became pope. Naomi makes things more interesting. =)

Creepy! Poor guy. At first I was expecting Crowley since he's the official 'opposition', but this is almost scarier. Too bad he doesn't know the Winchesters ;)

*snort* Dude! The new pope is worse than Crowley, he's the actual evil! In RL I might add. An old bigoted hater.
Crowley is gay and more than tolerant, he's only evil because he does what he wants, doesn't care about others, only himself and goes over dead bodies to reach his goals. If you're not in his way you're good.

I think pope meeting Naomi would make sense, they would be scheming against humanity together.

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The meeting of too "holy" evils, interesting pick, makes sense too actually.

In some ways the demons are more honest, with them you know what to expect.

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