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While my team lost the March madness Drabble fest it was still the first time I ever wrote drabbles. The timing was a bit unlucky for me, but I expect I will write more drabbles in the future.

Characters: Crowley
Where: hell

[Crowley]Crowley looked up when one demon from admittance to the special hells knocked on his office door. The special hells were the section that Crowley hadn't remodelled to the eternal waiting common souls went through but the eternal torture of old. He didn't have anybody of Alistair's caliber down there, but they did still good work.
"Boss, we are running out of space for politicians. If we could group the politicians, laywers and bankers together we would save 38% space in that sector."
Crowley took the offered parchment with the projections and numbers. Sometimes it was good to be king.

Characters: Dean
Where: batcave

[Dean]Dean read the books before him with great interest and made careful notes on the small card. He had been so relieved to see that somebody else had already done the work of writing down everything in the small catalogue, leaving him with all these sorted cards he just had to add to. Of course he resorted it a bit according to his preferences but that was practically expected. Sam did the same in their bunker.
He grabbed a fresh card and started filling it. There was no reason not to have his great burgers between all these other recipes.

Alternate vessels for Castiel

[Two and a half Men]
Charlie Harper was a sinner and he was aware of that, enjoyed it even. Since he had the idea that he would not qualify for heaven he should enjoy his life as much as he could.Surprisingly it didn't take much for Castiel to get him to agree to accept the burden and privilege of becoming an angels vessel. Just a simple question and Castiel took his new body and did gods work. And if the human had been drunk at the time, as vessel he was guaranteed a trip to heaven. Castiel decided early not to visit Charlies heaven.

[Big Bang Theory]
Castiel had always thought that humans were mysterious and complicated beings but he never thought acquiring a vessel was that hard. He had explained as much of the process to his vessel as was understandable to a human but Sheldon Cooper continued to resist.The human contradicted him on the most basic principles and continued questions. The answer that the string theory was as wrong as the loop quantum theory had angered the scientist to a degree Castiel couldn't understand. The angel basked in the knowledge that even if Sheldon resisted he still had Missy Cooper as a possible vessel.

[ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation]
Castiel watched the actions of his future vessel carefully. It was so interesting what humans were willing to endure, what they chose to endure without any need. What amused them.Grabbing this opportunity the angel knew he would have a lot of questions. Lady Heather obviously enjoyed her work and knew what she was doing and how far she could go. She was intelligent, well-spoken, had a wide variety of knowledge and more insights in the human psyche than many others. She was the perfect vessel. Castiel looked forward to this. Having her as his vessel would be most educational.

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Drabbles are a LOT of fun - when I first saw people doing them, I thought, "Oh, I couldn't do that - saying something in only 100 words." But after I'd tinkered with it a little bit, I found that I really enjoyed it! I'm glad to see that you've joined the "drabbling community" and that you're having fun with it. :)

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