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More Drabbles
As you can see, I'm playing a bit

Characters: John
Where: Normal or Lawrence

[John]John started the car and let out a delighted laugh at hearing the running motor. He looked up to see his grinning mother and he grinned widely back at her. It had taken them so long to rebuilt this car but John had enjoyed their project together.
His mother wiped her oily hands on a rag and grabbed a cool can of soda for him and herself. She was his personal hero. Doing this with her John knew that one day he wanted to be a car mechanic like his mother and grandfather. It was the family business after all.

Alternate vessels for Castiel

[Devour]Castiel concentrated his energy on his possible vessel. Castiel saw immediately that his very essence was wrong. Jake Gray was a demonic hybrid. Not a cambion, the demonic looking species he descended from was a lot rarer then the usual demons. It was surprising that Jake had never done anything Castiel would have expected given his heritage, his half-human soul was innocent.
The angel knew he would never use him as a vessel but the fact that Jake overcame his nature and lived in a secured cell gave Castiel the knowledge that he wouldn't harm anyone. He let him live.

[My Bloody Valentine]The first meeting with his vessel made Castiel clear that the human was already occupied. The body of Tom Haniger was a rare case of a ghost possessing a human. As an angel it was easy for Castiel to burn the squealing and squirming non-corporal out of the human host, leaving it free from supernatural influences so he himself could take control of it later. First he soothed the frightened soul that was finally free and engulfed him in the equivalent of a careful hug. The angel enjoyed the comfortable feel of the finally relaxing soul against his own wavelengths.

[Dark Angel]His vessel was interesting. He had known of these transgenics, genetically modified humans but he didn't expect his vessel to be one of them.
His first contact with Ben had gone surprisingly well, the young X5 had a deep faith that was rare in this time and day. Castiel had to admit that he was pleased with these news. Not only made it his work easier, it made clear for him why Father had decided to accept these variations of divine will: Despite them being created in a lab they still had the free will and beautiful souls of humanity.


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