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Fic Meme: Twenty-one last first lines
Looking through my list I would say I'm not a fan of starting a fic with speach.

Sam stood in position and enjoyed the image in front of him.

Of Unexpected kinks and the answer to them (SPN)

Charlie Harper was a sinner and he was aware of that, enjoyed it even.

Alternate Vessel of Castiel (SPN X-Over)

Crowley looked up when one demon from admittance to the special hells knocked on his office door.

Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles (SPN)

It was never something he really thought about, how good or bad his eyesight really was.

Natural Fear (Buffy)

She hated everything about him: his dirty smile, his calloused hands, the way his body felt under her fingers.

Cashing a raincheck (SPN)

What a day.

Work Meeting (SPN/RPF)

Sam made another entry in the archive and shut the book.

A Game of chess (SPN)

Crowley grabbed the old leather book and felt the embossed letters with his fingertips.

The Power of Knowledge (SPN)

Dean never had it in him to tell his brother that he wasn't the only freak in the family, the only one with an ability.

Hidden abilities (SPN)

Spock had only needed 1.4253 seconds to realize that something was different with the team once they were back from the Halkans.

Adjusting protocols to the behavior of people from a different universe (Star Trek TOS)

Sam heard a yelp of horror out of the bathroom and went to see what had happened.

Signs of aging (SPN)

Sam looked to his date and smiled wide.

Proms (SPN)

Sam looked around and tried to recognize where he was.

On Separate Channels (SPN)

Jess always knew that Sam didn't have a normal relationship with his family.

Old Loves (SPN)

Genevieve watched her husband Jared playing with Thomas, loud and happily.

Repercussions (RPF)

Sam looked through all the documents to see if he had everything for the next school year.

Paperwork Discoveries (SPN)

Peter Pettigrew never expected to go out like that.

Wormtails end (HP/Discworld)

"I did something really wrong.

Self-imposed Punishments (SPN)

Sam loved blow jobs.

Mouth (SPN)

Tara sat unsure on her bed and bit on her lips.

Experiments (Buffy)

It was done.

The part between the work (HP/NCIS)


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(Deleted comment)
Thanks. It's a bit strange, seeing them like that

Just about all of these make me want to read the stories they go along with, so that's a good thing! Also, I notice that you start a lot of your stories with a character's name.

You are right with me starting with the character. I didn't even saw it till you mentioned it!

My first lines are so boring in comparison to yours.

I need to write something. All I've been doing is writing and there's somehow no fic in my journal.

Your fics aren't boring. And you can easily put all your fics in your journal

My fics might not be boring most of the time but the first lines aren't particularly captivating, either.

And I can't post anything to my journal because it's all big bangs and fic exchanges with assigned posting dates, and WIPs. But I wrote a comment fic yesterday, so I guess that's something. =)

I hear you, I'm swimming in fics with timelines at the moment, I don't know what I was thinking

Interesting first lines!

How did you decide which ones, and in which order? Of course my favorite is "Sam loved blow jobs," because I'm five.

These are the last 21 fics I wrote, in reversed order.
I always have to grin reading thre blow job line and I wrote it myself...

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