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The waiting room
The waiting room
Stargate SG-1/Supernatural. Kinda.
Time: Stargate: Season 6 Abyss, Supernatural. Between Season 3 and 4
Note: This plays with the idea that the characters are actually aware that they are characters and dependent on their canon and their PTB. They are just playing the part. This fic happens when the characters go from one part of Canon to the next, where they intermingle with characters from other canons

The waiting room was as familiar as it was depressing. The two men didn't know each other, didn't know which origin the other had, it wasn't important.
They both tracked the only other person with them who had been called via speaker.
The man collected himself visibly before grabbing the handle.
All 3 looked up to see the designation he would go to, glowing letters on the door.
This existence between their canon existence was something characters learned to live with. They had no other choice. Their canons were dictated by others and they couldn't really influence that. Well, only to a certain degree. If they interacted better or worse with another character canon was sometimes adjusted to make room for more interaction or a change of relationship or even a new subplot, but they still didn't decide that themselves.
Like the door to the next part.
If you went to a good or interesting next part of canon you were looking forward to it was wonderful. If the news weren't that good the only positive thing it gave you were a few seconds more to steal yourself. This room was one of the few exceptions.
Not H/C, not anything else to make it better. Everybody in this room had to go through to the whump part to get there, it gave them some quiet time where they could collect themselves but weren't so injured to need time in a hospital at the moment– in which case they would have been brought there immediately.
The upside was that in this particular room it was practically impossible to go to a worse place. There were the obvious choices like HOSPITAL, MENTAL INSTITUTE, DEATH, but they were still better then were they had been.
The most common problem here were mental problems. Anxiety disorders, PTSD...
Jack looked to the other occupant and pegged him directly for a PTSD case.
He remembered seeing him once before, he was most likely another case of PTB loving to mess with him. Practically every Canon out there had at least one of these there, to differing degrees.
“I think we saw each other before, down in H/C. I'm Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1.”
His startled reaction at being addressed told him Jack been spot on with his diagnosis.
“Dean Winchester, Supernatural.”
The name of the show explained everything: Mystery or Fantasy. Next to SciFi they had the tendency to put their characters through whatever torture they could think of because they could easily put them back together.
He should know, it was the same for him. He had been aware of that before Ba'al started the torture.
“You know where you are going?” Jack had a strong idea where he would go. Sure, some times the PTB surprised him, but he knew what to expect. Home, and hopefully never ever talking about Ba'al and his deaths.
They looked up when they heard the speaker say the next name. “Dean Winchester, Supernatural” The young man went to the door but didn't take the handle, he looked back to O'Neill. “I know exactly where I'm going.”
Jack saw that he ignored everything around him and went through the door. The Colonel saw the glowing letters before the door closed completely.

post-traumatic stress disorder entry for H/C Bingo

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I wish I knew the first thing, or ANYTHING AT ALL about Stargate ... :-(

Well, in the timeline for Stargate Jack was just slowly tortured to death by his enemy Ba'al, only to be healed again and again so they could continue. It happened often enough that Jack didn't know anymore how often he was tortured to death.
Which is actually still better then what Dean went through...

Oh, ew. Glad I haven't seen that show then. If there's one thing I do NOT do in movies, books, TV shows or fan fiction, it's torture. Been too close to people who have lived through it (or died of it) in real life, as well as worked on its fall out in different ways, to want exposure to it in fiction ... When I come across it inadvertently, I stop reading or leave the room, close my eyes, fast forward or otherwise make a run for it. I believe the only film in recent memory that I have watched knowing it depicted actual scenes of torture was "Zero Dark Thirty," and that was because I trusted the director and her motivations.

I can understand deciding against reading or watching something because of torture. But I wouldn't actually say not to watch the series because of this single episode. But yeah, depending on your definition of when torture starts this would not be the show for you. Seeing that the main enemies are megalomaniac alien parasites is probably a warning in itself

I wouldn't let you stop from watching the show. It's a lot, lot, lot tamer than Supernatural, and it's actually pretty cheery and a lot of fun. Visceral violence is so rare I can't really recall a good instance of it. For example, in that particular episode, they don't really show the torture's mostly emotional whump.(and what they do show is gore-less). It mostly revolves around him despairing of ever being rescued. Considering the premise of the show involves a lot of evil-overlord type bad guys, the few times they do have torture, it's the fantastical kind, you know, the bad guy waves a light over the good guy, and the good guy goes, "argghhh!" and then either they cut to commercial or the other good guys show up and save the day. It's also relatively easy to avoid.

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Fair enough -- when I said "that show" I actually meant to say "that episode". I don't tend to judge a whole series by one episode.

The problem is that Antrazi's description of this ep triggered the same visceral response I always have to the "t" word. I simply can't be objective or relative when it comes to torture -- I have images in my head, photos I've seen and descriptions I have heard from survivors or read in autopsy reports that will haunt me as long as I live. It is my single most sensitive trigger, and it doesn't require much to set me off ...

Interesting little meta.

I liked it. :-) very interesting.

Wow, Dean and Jack would actually make THE. BEST. BUDDIES.

Like, Jack would totally get and respect Dean.

Thank you ten thousand million times for giving me this Crossover headcanon!!!

I know exactly where I'm going. Oh, Dean. *sighs*

Very, very interesting concept. I'd forgotten about Jack dying with Ba'al.

Interesting premise--I like how you handle this, and your choice of Jack!

A neat idea - This reminded me of The Waiting Room in Quantum Leap, except, of course, that the destination was always for the person to go back to their regular body in whatever year they'd been pulled out of.

Jack and Dean would definitely be the best of friends. A crossover waiting to be written. :)

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