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Tumblr question
I hope somebody can help me with this.
I finally managed to make animated gifs and wanted to put this dancing Ood up now that SPN is back. But everytime I try to put the interlaced gif on my tumblr (yeah, I have one. pretty pics) I get an error message. A not moving gif works fine. What do I do wrong?

dancing ood

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What's your tumblr name?

The problem is probably one of the following:
1. It's bigger than 1MB.
2. It's wider than 500px.

If it's not that, I've got no idea. I post a lot of gifs to Tumblr and those are the only reasons I've ever not had them post correctly.

Okey, have my answer, need to make the file smaller...

and I was very creative with my name: antrazi

Me too! =)

I wish you happy future gif-ing.

All to do with size!

Took me pretty much half a day to work it out but size is EVERYTHING! Imb, 500px

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