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Last November I decided to try my luck with the NaNoWriMo and failed spectacularly. 50K words are just too much for me.
When I saw that for Camp NaNoWriMo you could decide on your own wordcount I chose that (and just 10K!). Still, I'm happy to say I managed it! And before you say anything about Just 10K", that's a lot for me...

It will take time till you will see it here.
1) I'm actually not finished with the story
2) I have other projects that have a higher priority at the moment
3) The whole thing is a bit... complicated, not being a normal format

I just shelf it at the moment and revisit it in a few months.

To my writings under my Non-gen alter ego (Nothing graphic):

Cashing a raincheck
Season 3. R. Bela/Dean. When affected with a sex curse you don't have to like your partner.


Of Unexpected kinks and the answer to them
Rated R for kink. Sam/Dean. When he planned his life as a teenager this had never been a part of it.


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