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Drabbles again
For anyone who didn't see it, there was a drabble challenge in BigPretzel and I did my part and wrote for Team Black Hat.
I actually believe that the other team won but I still had lots of fun with this.

All in all I managed 19 drabbles about the bad guys. Funnily enough, I also never wrote the same character more then once.

Here they are all collected.


Alastair considered himself an artist, a high master in the area of torture. He was still waiting for a student who would be good enough for him, who fullfilled his high standards. Not these filth they supplied him with, without the flair, phantasy, or dedication to the job. Somebody worth his time!

In the mean time he didn't have any other chance but to check the applications over  for any hidden potential.

Alastair checked his clipboard to learn more about the potential apprentice. One of Azazel's children, had tried out as crossroads demon, the failure had been spectacular. "Andy Galagher?"


There were a lot of people at Big Joe's who tried at least once to eat the biggest portion they had to offer and win the bet: eat everything in under 60 minutes and the food was free!

Of course not many managed it, the sheer size of the burger with all the trimmings was enough to feed a family a few days. They still came and sometimes somebody even won and more customers came to try it on their own.

The thin man in the black suit finished his meal in time and nodded a greeting. Like every week.


Bela thought that all things considered her time in hell could have been a lot worse. Other souls clung to their humanity when they arrived here but Bela understood the way it worked and used it to her benefit. The faster you lost it the faster you turned. And then you got out so fresh souls could be tortured.

She accepted what was happening, demonified and worked her way as a crossroads demons. When her boss Crowley managed the Coup of becoming king of hell she bided her time. She could see herself as the perfect monarch. She made plans


There was something deeply satisfying abut knowing you were good in your job. It was even better when you enjoyed said job, when it gave you the knowledge that you did something important, that you helped people. Of course no vocation was perfect, as much as she wished it. Tessa's break from perfection went by the name of Dean Winchester and had the tendency to die more often then was normal for a human. She considered if it was even necessary to go to him, he would most likely find a way out of it again.

It wouldn't stick anyway.


Having to deal every day with all these bloody idiots Crowley was happy he didn't have a real body anymore, only a form he possessed. Had he to deal with this much stupidity as a human he would have ulcers from all the stress, he was sure of it.
Another hench-demon came to him and stopped him on his trek to his wonderful, quiet, solitary office.

"My Lord, the British souls protest that they manage to get their ticket too fast."

Crowley ignored him, shut his office door, sat on his chair and relaxed to the opening credits of "Girls".


Chet enjoyed the job he had been given. It was perhaps not the most glorious job a Leviathan could achive but it had a lot of other perks. Direct access to more data then he had ever time to read, reasonable nice work collegues for humans and great food in the cafeteria. The human he copied had been a vegan and he enjoyed every second of the irony. The people around him enjoyed his reaction to all these new foods "Chet" was trying after his change of heart.

He tested something new and his tastebuds exploded. So this was cheese...

[Missy Bender]

She had been told that it was normal to look forward to your 18th birthday, that every teenager couldn't wait for it. Her therapists  should be happy that they managed to give her that slice of normality they worked for these years, instead they dreaded the moment she came of age. Just because according to some rules they would have to let her out of the hospital they had held her in.
All these years they tried and when they finally have the reaction they want they aren't happy?

Missy Bender was looking forward to this day. She was hungry.


The slaughter of the nuns hadn't been as much fun as Azazel had expected, even after hearing the instructions from his master. Surely there had to be something worthwhile to do while he looked for the best potential parents for the future form of Lucifer.
And he would have to free Lillith, he detested everything about her. It would be so much better if their Father could come back without her. Damn.

Still, he had a few years before everything went down, time to enjoy it as much as he could. There was this new movie he wanted to see...


This was a disaster: The thread looked mangled, interlooping and patched with knots. Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos looked at each other and back to the mangled life-thread of Dean Winchester.

They all knew that this particular human was not supposed to die just now, and not 100 times in a row protected by a timeloop. Somebody had to be playing with him, intervened in the way of Fate. This had to be done by an angel, that was clear, everybody else knew better then to mess with them.

Atropos grabbed her book and pen and went to Broward County, Florida.


Gabriel enjoyed his pancakes and the sight of Sam Winchester going slowly but surely insane. It was beautiful, the way he muttered to himself under his breath and eyed every little thing as a potential death trap to his brother.

Honestly, the younger Winchester had reasons for that. The mix of horror and revulsion when his brother had died by salt shaker had been too delicious, he would have to remember this for future customers. It had been nearly as great as Sam's desolation at seeing Dean meet road roller.

Sam eyed the condiments suspiciously when his button went flying.


Finding a new meat-suit was not as easy as most thought. It was supposed to fit you, it was a reflection of yourself to others. Abaddon was sorry that she lost Josie, she had been exactly was she had looked for. Perhaps she could go for somebody similar. It wouldn't be someone who knew exactly what was going on like Josie, but ordinary people had their own fascinating reactions on something like her.

There she was, the perfect new meat-suit, fretting over her looks after a few unkind words by her boyfriend. She would never wonder over her looks again.

[Amy Pond ]

Amy Pond prepared the body carefully and extracted the part of the brain she needed. She didn't have to be careful in this case, the man infront of her would have a closed coffin and no embalming according to the traditions of his people. He was perfect.
A few seconds later the organ tissue was squished in her tupperware box, ready to use as a take-out meal. It always felt good to be able to bring a feast back home to her son. That would go in the fridge till she went home.

She sang softly and continued her work.


He could honestly say that he detested demons. Yes, he was one himself but the majority of the demons were downright stupid. At least Crowley had seen his potential and let him work as the dispatcher. He still had to work with the riff-raff but at least he could tell them what to do and they had to do it. Power over idiots was still power.

One of his blood goblins activated to warn him about a problem with the police. Ellsworth sighed and waited for one his phones to ring and of course, there it was. "Agent Thomas, FBI."


It was gratifying to know that contrary to her sisters, her initiation would be a real test. All the other Amazons had lawyers, bankers or something similar as their genetic donor, no challenge to speak of. However strange it was that Emma descended from a hunter, there were higher expectations for her because of it.

Bad hunters didn't survive, that he was still alive in this field of work meant he was good. She grabbed the information they had about him and his brother and read it. She knew she just needed to find the perfect way to approach him.

[Roy and Walt]The hunt was over, Roy and Walt were looking forward to a hot shower, their motel room, some take out and shitty TV. A little break would be alright, the poltergeist had really tired them out. Roy sat on his bed and clicked the TV on to see if they had missed anything interesting the last few days they had been out. Walt needed seconds when he heard the call from Roy, weapon loaded and ready. He followed his partners gace to recognize two people in the News. People he had killed. "The killing spree of the Winchester brothers continues..."

[Edward and Madge Carrigan]

It was such a wonderful time of the year, happy people and well-behaved children everywhere. The Carrigans greeted their neighbors and went into their house.

In the kitchen Edward unwrapped their new high quality knife. It was perfect for boning, a good substitute for the knife they had lost last year. The neighbors had borrowed it and never brought it back. This time this wouldn't happen, even if they hadn't eaten the couple.

The excitement in both pagan gods when Madge sorted her meadow-sweat to begin her wreaths was familiar. They looked forward to Christmas and their own private festivities.


Ruby looked down at Sam who was sleeping peacefully. It was always so hard to get him to really relax and let go, these moments were rare for them. At least he was sober now. The first time after Dean's death had been so bad Ruby had actually wondered if she would survive a request for re-assignment. Most likely not but at least she would have been spared this self-loathing and bawling mess that was Sam Winchester. This was the guy who would set Lucifer free? Please, what a joke!

Sam turned around and ...farted. She really hated this job.


Castiel looked around and found a few pamphlets. All these people who murdered, who hated each other and did all this in his name, who preached they knew his will, they had to be exterminated. His Father may have accepted them but Castiel was a better god, he would not tolerate them and their hateful rhetoric.

The only good thing about them was the way they were open about their opinions, wrong as they were.

He read the pamphlet about a meeting of inspirational speakers. Yes, they would do fine, they fitted well enough. They even said where they met.


Meg stared in total horror at her new bleached hair. Lucifer's tits, what the fuck was wrong with Crowley that he decided to do that to her? She would have understood had he tortured her, both Azazel and Alastair showed her what she meant to them that way. And they had actually liked her, more or less at least.

But this atrocity? This was definitely too much.

As long as she didn't have a chance and was a prisoner she had plenty of time to think about something to do in retaliation. Something fitting in cruelty, like killing his tailor.

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I haven't had time this weekend to read through them all and comment (probably going to early this week) but I came upon a couple of yours and they were awesome. :)

Believe me, I haven't read them all as well. Will read and comment them once poor ficwriter1966 has counted the tallies
And thanks :)

Thanks for taking part in the competition! I had hoped that folks would have fun with it - but I never anticipated almost 1100 comments!! You guys were on FIRE!

And there will be more comments once we all sit down and read and comment everything.
And yes, it was fun

The drabble competition was amazing, even though I couldn't perticipate. Thanks for doing this post - I thought I'd read all the drabbles, but I hadn't.

I just gave up at some time to just read them all in a row after the end of the challenge

I totally missed the drabble fest. Now I need to go back and read everything. Loved your drabbles. Sam farting with Ruby - too funny.

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